Monday, 2 March 2015

*Updated* Product Review: The Book of Mum

I have now received a paperback copy of the Book of Mum, so thought I'd give you an updated review. 

One of my favourite things to give and to receive is a personalised gift. Most birthdays, Christmases and other occasions, such as Mother's Day, I tend to look online or get some sort of inspiration for something I can give which has been personalised in some way. And for me, there is something extra special about receiving something which has been customised in some way or form for me- be it a photograph, a bracelet or a book; something with that personal touch. 

If you're looking for something personalised and a bit different, then head on over to The Book of Everyone website where you can create The Book of Mum. A perfect gift for that certain someone who is particularly hard to buy for or just someone who might appreciate something personalised, The Book of Everyone is a book which despite the name, is totally unique and personal to them. I thought this would make a lovely gift for Mother's Day, and so I decided to make The Book of Mummy. 

The website is extremely easy to use and the instructions for how to create your book are clear to follow. You start off by entering the name, date of birth and gender of the person receiving the book, and then who the book is from. You can select their age now or the age they will be at their next birthday so this would also make a wonderful unique birthday present.

It takes around 30 seconds to process this information and voila; the book is then ready for you to scroll through on screen, 50 pages in total. There are various pages which you can edit by changing colours and backgrounds, adding your own messages to or even uploading your own photos. I was really pleased I could include my own photos as this really did add to the overall personal feel of the book. There is a page where there are nine boxes in which are written pre-selected inspirational quotes- you can change these to quotes which are more personal to the recipient or do what I did- I changed all the boxes to some of my favourite photos. 

I really enjoyed putting the book together and it took me around 10 minutes to create. I found the majority of the pages interesting to look at and read. This book would be a winner with someone who enjoys reading facts which relate to their year and date of birth. This includes things like which film was a blockbuster in the year they were born, which TV show was popular and the cost of shopping and world leaders in the year of your birth. I did find some of the pages and illustrations slightly random, almost as if they were included to fill up space in the book, but on the whole, most pages worked within the context of the gift. 

A lovely touch- the book shows you how to say your name in British sign language.

Due to the fact that it focuses so much on your age and year of birth, it may not be the most appropriate gift for someone who is sensitive about their age. I showed it to my husband however, and he was fascinated- he loves reading about facts and figures so this would have made an ideal gift for him. I think it would also make a great Mother's Day gift as you can include some really touching messages, photos and quotes. 
There are a number of options available when you reach the checkout. You can order a digital copy which is emailed to you for £7.50, a paperback soft cover book for £19.50, a hardcover book for £29.50 or you can select the deluxe edition for £49.50. 

Having read some customer feedback online, it seems that The Book of Everyone is a popular gift with a number of very glowing reviews. As I said above, I would allow plenty of time to receive the book in the post. If you're stuck for a gift this Mother's Day, and your mum isn't sensitive about her age like my own mum is, then I can recommend having a look at The Book of Everyone and making your own copy of this unique, fun and quirky book. Having now received a paperback copy in the post, I can honestly say how good quality the book feels. The cover is matt textured and the pages are made from good quality paper. I honestly could sit for a couple of hours flicking through and reading this. 

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a code to allow me to make a free copy of the paperback edition of this book for the purposes of this review but as always, all opinions expressed are my own :)



  1. This book looks lovely xx

  2. I can recommend it- it's lovely to look through and is really good quality! X


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