Monday, 23 March 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #12 'Moo Moo and Panda'

When I was a child, I was very much a teddy bear sort of girl. Yes, I had a couple of odd looking dolls with creepy eyes which didn't open and spiky hair which I'd cut off as obviously I thought dolls hair grew back. But really, I was more a fan of teddy bears. I would sit for hours and hold picnics for them on a rug on the floor, and give them pretend cups of tea with my little china tea set. 

Once Little One started to take more interest in playing with teddy bears, I took great delight in passing on one of my favourite bears 'Brown Bear' from when I was little. He is very careful with him and enjoys playing picnics with him like I used to. But Brown Bear is not his favourite. Until very recently, Little One would only ever share his cuddles with one little grey bear called Bobo. He cuddled him every evening, took him as his companion to nursery and chewed on his nose all night as a pacifier when he slept... Until his nose fell off and nursery said he was no longer safe to play with. That was a very sad day.

Since then, he has two soft toys who he has become extremely attached to: Moo Moo and Panda. Moo Moo is a lovely soft cow which he got as a gift from his Great Uncle at Christmas. Panda is just a cheapy soft toy which he spotted in Ikea, cuddled all the way round the store and I couldn't bear to put him back as he was so cute. 

Every morning, as soon as he opens his eyes, he goes through a little repertoire of his favourite words: Daddy, car, door, and of course, Moo Moo and Panda. He carries them everywhere. He brings them to breakfast, takes them out to the car every day, cuddles them when he watches Peppa Pig and he holds on to them all night long. He even tried to take them in the bath the other day. They've become proper little companions and they tag along on all our adventures. 

They've both been through the washing machine countless times and are starting to look a little ragged, but he gets such comfort from them.  I think these two toys will be firm friends for a good time to come. I hope that he'll keep hold of his soft toys when he's older, look after them and maybe even pass them on to his own children. They have definitely become part and parcel of our family and our most ordinary of moments. 

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  1. Awww this is so lovely, bless him! And I love how you have original names just like us. LL has Baa and growing up I had Rabbit- so unique and different. ;) He is so cute and Moo Moo and Panda look like fabulous companions! xx

    1. Aww haha thanks! Yep, totally original names in this household ;) Sometimes he names them himself and sometimes we choose a name we know he'll be able to say himself. Aww yeh i've seen that LL carries Baa around with her a lot- a close companion indeed :) xx


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