Thursday, 5 March 2015

What we are reading: World Book Day 2015 edition

To celebrate World Book Day today, I thought we would share what we have been enjoying reading together with Little One over the past couple of weeks. So what is World Book Day? It's a worldwide celebration of books, reading, authors and illustrators. It is celebrated in over 100 countries in the world, but the main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasure of reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own. When I was a teacher, we used to celebrate World Book Day by dressing up as a character from our favourite book and it was always lots of fun!

So as we love reading in our house, here is what we are reading right now.

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers
This is a really lovely story which will just make you smile as you read it with your little one. It's about a boy who has a fascination with stars. He really wants a star for himself so goes on a bit of a mission to catch one, thinking of ways to capture it along the way. It is perhaps aimed at slightly older children than Little One (who is 19 months) as the illustrations, although beautiful, don't show many recognisable things for a toddler to point out, but it's definitely a lovely story to read at bedtime. 

Rip and Rap by Amanda White
This is about twin sheepdogs called Rip and Rap. They don't quite look alike because Rap has an extra stripe on his tail. The two dogs have very different personalities- Rip likes being a sheepdog but Rap does not, so he decides he doesn't want to be one anymore. he decides to go and play with the pigs instead and gets covered in mud. His white stripe disappears and there's a case of mistaken identify on the farm... 
This book is probably more aimed at slightly older children, but the illustrations are gloriously bright and colourful. There are lots of farm animals for toddlers to find and point out. 

 Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars by Debbie Tarbett
We love this style of book, with little plastic 3D caterpillars which are moulded into the pages of the book. You them on their adventures through the garden, and find out how each page one caterpillar goes missing... Little One loves touching the plastic caterpillars and finding the other various animals on each page. The illustrations are just wonderful and there's a lovely pop-out surprise on the final page. 

Ten Little Ladybirds by Melanie Gerth and Laura Muliska-Beith
Similar to above, it's the same style of book, this time with plastic 3D ladybirds which are moulded into the pages. Children will love the rhyming pattern throughout the story and it's great for teaching about counting. 

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell
A lovely story about 3 baby owls- Sarah, Percy and Bill, who wake up from their nest one night to find their mummy isn't there. Sarah, the eldest sibling is sensible and offers reassuring words to her younger siblings, Percy the middle sibling tries to be brave, and Bill, the youngest owl needs lots of comfort and reassurance as he wonders where his mummy has gone. Eventually mummy owl flies home and asks what all the fuss is about, telling them they knew she would come home because she always does. We got this book from the library to read to LO as he loves owls. He enjoyed looking at the pictures and calling "Twit-twoo" but again, it's aimed at slightly older children. It would be a good story to read to a child who gets separation anxiety as they will get comfort from seeing the mummy owl flying home at the end of the story. 

One Farm by Benedict Blathwayt
This is a fabulous counting book with really detailed illustrations. Little One loves any books which are farm related and is good at finding different farm animals and tractors hidden amongst the pictures. The pictures are very detailed so Little One found it tricky to find some things. It's great for teaching about counting and the changing seasons of the year. 

Are You my Mummy? by Mary Murphy
This is a beautifully illustrated lift the flaps book which will stimulate toddler's interest in books. Toddlers will love the peek-a-boo aspect to this book in which they help the puppy find his mummy. Little One absolutely loves any books with flaps to lift, but he does have a tendency to rip them off!

Happy Families by Ladybird
This is part of the Ladybird baby touch series which is designed to help stimulate babies' senses from a young age. The colours are lovely and bright and the book is full of animal mummies, daddies and babies. There are different colours to talk about, textures to feel and sounds to make. We love reading this book with Little One and we can easily sit for half an hour with just this book to play with, it's fab!

No Matter What by Debi Gliori
A lovely book about unconditional love. The small fox wants reassurance from big fox that he'll be loved no matter what the circumstances. We have actually yet to read this, and it is definitely aimed at slightly older children, but for a story before bed, I'm sure it will make a lovely read. 

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  1. I love all your choices- how to catch a star is one of our favourites and we have a few of these on our book shelf too! x

  2. Aaw it's such a lovely story, isn't it? I love to switch up LO's books quite frequently, but we are running out of places where we can store them! x


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