Monday, 20 April 2015

{Let Them Be Little} #1 'Remembering the First Days'

After reading the lovely Natalie's new link up project called 'Let Them Be Little' I got looking through all our old photos we have stored on our computer which we have taken since Little One was born. I sat there for ages and ages just gazing through hundreds of photos. Far from polished top quality photos, these grainy, often blurred photos are so sentimental and it doesn't matter as, like every other parent, they hold so many dear memories for us as a mummy and daddy. 

I've never been great at printing off our photos and they just end up sitting in picture folders on the computer, barely ever looked at. Some of my favourite photos to look at were the ones from his very first days when we were in hospital and those first days at home. He seemed like a totally different baby- he looked different, he was so little and vulnerable and was totally dependent on us. I loved those days and looking back on the photos made me miss those days as well. It's so bittersweet isn't it? 

'Let Them Be Little' felt so relevant to this as it made me realise that while it's so exciting seeing your Little Ones grow up and reach their many milestones, it isn't about racing to get your baby to be the first to reach them or ticking them off as fast as you can. It's about treasuring every moment and enjoying watching them be little, as you only need to blink and they seem to grow up so quickly. Time really does need to slow down. 

So for my first post linking up with Natalie, I thought I'd share and look back on those first few days back in July 2013. It makes me realise how quickly time flies. If I could go back in time, I'd remember to savour so many more moments and just Little One be little that bit longer. 

If you would like to join in with this lovely link up, head on over to Natalie's lovely blog, Little Jam Pot Life

Little Jam Pot Life


  1. Oh this is beautiful, look how tiny he was. It's so bittersweet, I wish I could re live it all over with each of my three already. Time flies so fast, life becomes busy and if you allow it, these little things could be a faded memory. That's why I wanted to start the project, as these things deserve to be remembered & treasured for a lifetime. Thank you for linking up xxx

  2. Oh bless and look at those photo's! I adore looking back through old photographs of the twins and being reminded at just how small they were. What a lovely post. Jess x


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