Thursday, 23 April 2015

{Let Them be Little} #2 'Playing in the Garden'

Some of my earliest memories from when I was little were of me playing in the garden in the warm sun, aged around 3, with my older brother. We had a massive weeping willow tree which we used to hide under and we would spend hours playing football or cricket with each other. if I think back to when I was 2 or 3, it's those memories that spring to mind first. I just think it's amazing that I have carried these memories with me almost 30 years and I can still picture that garden we had so vividly. 

Fast forward 27 years and it's now Little One, aged nearly 2 who is making memories playing in the garden in the sun. We have had the most gorgeous weather over the past couple of weeks and so have taken the opportunity to be out in the garden as much as possible. Obviously he has no brother or sister to play with, so he loves nothing more than to copy his daddy doing the gardening or following him around, miniature red watering can in one hand, toy trowel in the other. Playing in the garden in the summer really does sum up childhood. Whether it's collecting pebbles in a bucket, playing with a watering can, picking flowers off plants, playing hide and seek or getting totally covered in compost and soil.

As Little One isn't yet two, it's highly unlikely he'll remember these precious moments and so I love to document them so he can one day look back on them and see how much fun he had. 

Linking up with Natalie from Little Jam Pot Life for her link up 'Let Them Be Little'. 

Little Jam Pot Life


  1. Lovely post again Amelia. I love his wellies! I love it how they go into their own little magical world, especially in the garden! mud galore! Thank you for linking up xxx

    1. Thank you Natalie- I like having your link up on a Thursday- really enjoying thinking up posts for it as it gets me reminiscing about all sorts of magic moments. He makes such a mess in the garden but is also super helpful with watering plants when i don't remember to! xxx

  2. He reminds me so much of Ethan. Ethan has been over-joyed to be spending so much more time in the garden now that the weather has been nicer. He's out there all the time! Love your photos!! xx

    1. Aw I think that too when I see pictures of Ethan! It's so nice when the weather is sunny for them to get fresh air, run around and just enjoy the garden. Thank you Alex! xx


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