Thursday, 30 April 2015

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 2015- April

I know I probably say this every month, but another month seems to have flown past in a bit of a blur and we are heading into May. I really do think the months and years pass more quickly the older you get. I remember when i was at school, a term would feel like an eternity and I couldn't wait for time to fast forward to the holidays. Now, I like to take life at a much slower pace and absorb each moment of family life as much as a I can. Which is why I love taking part in the Me and Mine project. For me, the past month just goes to show that time can all too easily pass you by in a total blur and it's a great motivation to remind us to slow down and take it all in as a family, and having a photo of the three of us freezes a moment of that time to cherish as a memory forever. 

It's not been an especially busy month for us, but we have had the odd day out and an action packed Easter weekend. We also went down to Cambridgeshire for a weekend, celebrated Mr F's 32nd birthday with family and spent many an hour in our garden which we are doing a bit of a makeover on (when the weather is nice). Excitingly, Mr F has also entered the world of blogging! He is starting work on a personal finance blog, as it's something he is very passionate about. For us, our main memories are of evening walks in the sunset down the lane by our house. We must have done the same circular walk 10 times this month. Our photos this month were taken in a total rush, so are a bit blurry, and although it looks sunny, it was freezing cold! But we love them anyway as they capture lovely memories of walks by our home. We feel truly blessed to live surrounded by such gorgeous countryside. 

This month, I have been loving:
*Sunny walks
*Buying new flowers for the garden.
*Picnics with Little One in the park. 
*Reading lots of lovely blogs. 

Little One has been loving:
*Playing with his little wooden train set. 
*Doing lots of talking.
*Watering plants in the garden.
*Watching Peppa Pig and Thomas...lots.
*Running in Granny and Umpa's garden.

Mr F has been loving:
*Doing a bit of an update and re-style in the garden.
*Celebrating his birthday with family.  
*Bear Grylls The Island.
*Working on his new blog. He'd love some more followers on Twitter.

dear beautiful

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  1. Oh those are such gorgeous photos! How wonderful to have that walk just down the lane to enjoy all the sunshine of our evenings!


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