Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My 5 Top Toys for Toddlers

As I was having a much needed tidy up and sort out in Little One's bedroom this morning, I found a load of toys which I decided were in need of storing or giving away. Mostly things which are too young for him or that he's never really been interested in. It made me notice that actually, he quite likes just a small selection of things which he always goes to and enjoys playing with. I find that by just keeping a few toys out at a time means he doesn't get overwhelmed by too much choice, he is given opportunity to be inventive and find other every day things to play with and it certainly makes keeping the house tidy easier. Always a bonus. 

So I thought I would share toys we have been loving playing with recently. Little One is nearly 21 months but some of these things could be used by older or possibly younger toddlers too. 

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad

This is our most recent purchase and it is fabulous! I can't recommend it highly enough and I will probably do a separate post on it as I'd say it was such a good use of £5 buying it. There are 5 different scenes made of shiny card and sheets with 150 plastic reusable stickers. Since we bought it, LO has loved sitting down quietly with me and making his own scenes, sticking animals on to make his own picture. It gives them a sense of achievement, especially when they're not at the stage of drawing pictures yet. Plus the stickers only cling to the card so you won't find stickers all over your lovely walls. The pad is A3 sized and would sit nicely in the top of a suitcase if you wanted an activity to take on holiday. We got ours for £5 from Hobbycraft. Seriously, one of my best ever purchases!

Wooden Train Set

Our wooden train set is just a very basic one from Ikea but LO has really enjoyed playing with it recently, pushing the trains around saying "choo-choo!". It's easy to put together and take apart and stores easily in a little box. We sometimes pair this with his town road map rug also from Ikea. The train set was £8 and can be found here. 

Wooden Jigsaw

This is a toy which we got ages ago but put in a storage box and forgot about it. I found it this morning and thought I'd put it out for him as he's about ready to work out how to use it. Even if he can't get the pieces in the slots, he can talk about the objects. You can get these in loads of shops but this is from the ELC.

Push along Vehicles

Still by far his favourite kind of toys, push along vehicles seem to appear in every room in my house, one had even made it into the bathroom as he sometimes throws them in the bath. I never leave the house without some kind of small vehicle, as I know it will occupy him for ages when we are out and about. These are some of his favourites- a CAT dumper from TKMaxx, a battery operated tractor with animal trailer and a small plastic tractor. 


I had to include a ride on toy as I'm yet to meet a toddler who doesn't like them! We have the ScuttleBug as an indoor ride on and he just adores it. Well worth the £24.99 that I spent on it at Argos. He will ride around the living room or around the kitchen while I'm cooking and it keeps him entertained for ages. Plus it can be folded down and stored in a cupboard or put in the car for a day out or even a holiday. 

So there are my top 5 toys for toddlers. What do your Little Ones like to play with? Please feel free to share your top toys in the comments section as I always love to hear what other toddlers like to play with. 


  1. Great post. Ethan's favourites are pretty much the same! The sticker pad looks awesome - I love that it's reusable, I will have to get this I think. xx

    1. Thank you Alex :) I've seen photos of Ethan's choo-choo train set, they're fab aren't they? The sticker pad is just fantastic- Ethan would love them! Really creative and no mess! And great for taking away on holiday in the top of a suitcase! xx


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