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Our Easter Weekend 2015

I was trying to think back to Easter last year, and realised that I couldn't remember anything about it. I'm not sure we did much due to Little One only being 8 or 9 months old and not yet walking. So this year, I was determined to capture some of the memories we made together over our long Easter weekend. I always find it so different to Christmas. In many ways I prefer it for it's simplicity, the better weather, no pressure and 4 days to do lots of lovely stuff with the family. And that is exactly what we did.

On Good Friday, Mr F had the day off so we planned to have a quiet day at home. We managed to get the shopping done for the weekend, had some lunch together and then spent the afternoon in the kitchen baking tasty Hot Cross Buns with Little One. I love days out but I also love lazy days in the house like this, and it made for a lovely start to the weekend. 

Mr F enjoys days like this when he can spend quality time with this little baker ;)

 On Saturday, we had another lovely home day and my sister in law came to visit from Bristol. We enjoyed a lovely walk around the reservoir we visit a lot. It's just such a gorgeous location.  

Little One decided he doesn't mind wearing wellies after all, so he got to splash in muddy puddles for the first time ever! He was a little too enthusiastic and fell face first into a huge puddle. 

We are loving these bright yellow wellies. They'd brighten up the dullest of days.

On Easter sunday, we decided to do something a bit different this year and headed over to Bridlington on the East Yorkshire coast. We just went for the day, and enjoyed fish and chips, ice cream and of course a little paddle in the sea. 

 It felt funny going to the beach in winter coats, but at least the sun was shining. 

 Little One spotted a fabulous pirate ship which was taking people around the bay. 

 Lots of sand throwing going on...

 Making a dash for it. He's got so quick recently.

 Little One adores his Auntie Coco (Auntie Dodo as he calls her).

I shared this photo on my Ordinary Moments post. I just love it. 

Gorgeous couple alert. My sister and her boyfriend. 

When we got back from Bridlington, the weather was so warm that we did the first proper bit of gardening this year. Little One planted some strawberries. 

On Monday we drove over to Stockeld Park near Harrogate in North Yorkshire. You go on a mystical Easter themed walk around the enchanted forest where you look out for eggs and rabbits. 

Along the walk we spotted lots of amazing fairy tale themed structures which you could climb in/on and slide down, like this fantastic Alice in Wonderland style slide. 

Little One also loved ringing the doorbell on Grandma's cottage in the woods. 

As well as an enchanted forest, there is also a yew tree maze. Little One loved running down the various passage ways and we eventually made it to the middle where we found this shiny rotating structure. 

We couldn't have wished for better weather on Monday. It was like a warm July day. We went with some friends, their toddler and Little One's godmother and her husband. They loved the green space and ran around together in their socks!

What better way to spend a warm sunny day than with a game of football and a picnic with friends?

You can see how sunny it was in this photo. Factor 50 on, cold drinks, lots of food. Bliss. It was the perfect day to enjoy our first picnic of the year.  

As we had such a busy weekend, we almost forgot about our Easter egg hunt. I got this cute chick bag for Little One a few weeks ago. We had our Easter egg hunt on Monday evening as the sun set after our trip out. I wasn't entirely sure if he would understand or enjoy an egg hunt, but he loved it! I actually had tears in my eyes as I watched him totter about with his chick bag, smiling as he found each egg. 

Enjoying a well earned rest and his first Easter egg. 

So that was our rather busy, but very enjoyable Easter weekend. Perhaps next year we might try to pack a little less in to the four days as we were so tired afterwards, but we had lots of fun and made so many lovely memories together.

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  1. What a busy Easter! So glad you had a lovely time together. - Hilary

  2. Ah it looks like a lovely and busy Easter, with lots of sunshine. Love LO"s yellow wellies and the photos you took are gorgeous. xx

    1. It was a lovely sunny easter, thank you Katie. You Easter also looked lovely. Yellow wellies will be making lots of appearances on blog as he's obsessed with them! Xx


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