Thursday, 16 April 2015

What We are Reading: 20 months old

I haven't posted a 'What We are Reading' post recently and I like to switch up Little One's books quite regularly, so thought I'd share what we are reading at the moment. He is 20 months, nearly 21 months, and definitely in a new phase of reading. His understanding is improving day by day and we have decided to put away books which are now too young for him. These are books where there isn't much for him to search for on a page or where there aren't many words for him to copy. As much as we have loved the series, the That's Not My... books have now been consigned to a box in the cupboard (sob!). It's just another bittersweet moment in our daily lives- where on the one hand it's so exciting that he is becoming a little chatterbox and is desperate to learn new things, but also another reminder at how quickly they grow up. So with that, I thought I'd share what we have found to be great books to read at this age. Some of them would also be great for older children too. 

The Tickle Book- Ian Whybrow and Axel Scheffler: This is a new one for us. It has lots of pop up bits and tags to pull. He needs help to look at this otherwise he rips all the tags off! An older toddler would love it though!

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book- Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler: This is another new one and it was given to Little One as a gift by his godmother. Again, it's aimed at slightly older children, and a 5 or 6 year old would love this, but Little One enjoyed looking at the pictures. Like The Tickle Book, it's illustrated by Axel Scheffler and we love any books by The Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson. 

On the Farm - Igloo Publications. If your toddler is like Little One and very into farms and farm animals, then they will love this board book. There's lots of animals to find and it's great for helping them learn new words- you can talk about colours and numbers and all sorts of other things. Plus there are hidden surprises. Plus I love Igloo books, I have yet to find one which I have been disappointed by. 

Little Tractor and Friends - DK Publications. This is from the Sparkle and Shine, Rhythm and Rhyme series so each page follows a simple rhyming pattern and the illustrations feature something shiny or metallic on each page. Keeping on the popular farm theme here of course! 

First Words and On the Farm both by Brimax- We have found these to be absolutely brilliant in helping Little One master some new words. There are lovely bright pictures and each page is themed (at the park, in the bedroom, at the shops). Little One like to go through this book every night before bed and he doesn't seem to have tired of either of them yet. I can highly recommend them!

Farm Numbers, Waggle and Wave by Philip Dauncey and Emma Surry: I think this came from TKMaxx. Its got a cute duck finger puppet attached which you waggle and wave each page. Little One is loving counting and this is a great book for helping Little Ones with that. 

Busy Farm by Lego: I have featured this on my blog before but it's one of his favourites at the moment. He's not bothered about the Lego it came with but it's a great book for this age. There are farm animals to find and count on each page and it's a lovely small book perfect for popping in a change bag. 

Toby in Trouble and Thomas and a Dragon by Rev W. Awdry: These don't really need much of a synopsis, I think they speak for themselves! Little One has become very into Thomas the Tank Engine and these were two of my books from when I was little, so thought I would pass them onto him to enjoy. These are the retro editions but I think they still do similar more up to date versions. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what we are reading at the moment. What does your little one like to read? Please leave a comment below as I love hearing about other book ideas!

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  1. What lovely books. I think mine really got into reading around that age too. Now they adore books and regularly ask for stories. We adore Thomas the Tank too! Julia Donaldson is now a big favourite! Lovely post :) Jess x

    1. Thank you Jess- we like to swap the books around regularly and go to the library as you just can't beat the offer of a free set of lovely books can you?! How lovely that they ask for stories from you. Julia Donaldson is fab! Thank you for commenting xx

  2. Lots of lovely bright colours!! I love the first two books, favourites in our house!! thanks for sharing with #readwithme x

    1. Aw yeh his book shelf always looks the brightest part of his room. Lots of lovely colours and covers! The first two are fab aren't they? They were recent gifts he received- quite old for him yet, and he tries to rip all the bits out of the Tickle book, but he enjoys it a lot! xx


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