Friday, 1 May 2015

{Let Them Be Little} #3 'A First Train Set'

Of all the toys Little One plays with, nothing transports me back more to my own childhood than his little wooden train set. It's something he has been playing with a lot recently and it's quickly become one of his favourite toys. Everytime I suggest that we get it out, his little face lights up in delight and he runs into his bedroom to help me lay it out in a figure of 8 on the floor. It's such a classic toy- i'm sure his Ikea version is almost identical to the Brio one I had when I was 2 or 3. So simple, yet so enjoyable. 

With this cold, windy weather recently, we have had to abandon our trips to the park and days in the garden and stay inside for much of the time. We have been loving getting the train set out and sitting together pushing the carriages around the track. He'll easily sit for an hour, pushing it around saying 'choo-choo' and as I watch him or join in with the fun. It's almost as if I'm imagining myself back in the 80s, as a toddler playing choo-choo trains with my brother and late Grandpa. 

I don't know how watching Little One play with little wooden trains can jog so many memories, but they really do. I can remember building tracks around the room, in the garden and around the trees, and making all sorts of exciting villages and towns with lego for the train to go through. I hope that Little One will continue to get as much enjoyment from this simple little train set as I did as a child, and maybe look back in 30 years time and remember the fun times that he had playing with his Mummy, and with his first choo-choo train. 

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  1. Lovely photos of your little boy and his trains! Traditional toys always seem to be the most popular in our house too, I think they allow space for more imaginative play! Funnily enough I took a very similar pic this week as part of the #52project linkup, great minds (mamas & baby boys) thinking alike! ;-) xx

  2. Oh this is lovely! I can't wait until P is a little older and gets into the world of trains! my girls love them too, but at the moment he is all about running with his new found legs! ;) xx


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