Friday, 8 May 2015

{Let Them Be Little} #4 'Bathtime'

I wrote earlier this week about how Little One's bedtime routine has changed recently because he is no longer having a bottle at bedtime. It proved to be a bit of a difficult move at first for all of us, and i found it especially emotional. It felt like we were truly saying goodbye to the last of his baby like ways. It got me thinking back over the past 21 months and to all his other bedtimes. I have no idea how many times we must have done the same routine, but it'd be in the hundreds. Hundreds of bubble baths run, hundred of bottles devoured, hundreds of stories read and a million gorgeous cuddles before bed.  

There is something about the bathtime bit which we especially love. For some reason, we have always chosen to bath him together. It'd be more time savvy for one of us to bath him and one of us to get on with other jobs, but we like sharing this time together. It's been a time when we have all laughed together, shared in the pre-bathtime "I want to get in the bath with my socks and nappy on" tantrums, shared in washing his hair together and been given a right royal splashing by the little waterbaby himself. 

This past week, we have tried to make bathtime extra special and fun for him as he has been so good with settling without his bottle. Lots of bath toys, lots of bubble beards and bubble hairdos, lots of splashing and lots of getting Mummy and Daddy well and truly soaked through. And there's always a whole lot of giggles too. I just love sitting and watching how happy he is in the bath, kicking his legs and flapping his arms, water splashing everywhere. 

I can still remember his first ever bath back in the hospital. We were so nervous so a lovely neo-natal nurse helped us. It was so exciting but so nerve-wracking and I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was so nervous as I had never bathed a baby before and I'd spent a good half hour laying everything like towels and a babygro out neatly on my hospital bed. I can remember gently pouring water over him and wrapping him up in a big fluffy towel. 

I can also remember his first bath at home and the way his Daddy held him so protectively in the water, nestled comfortably in the crook of his arm. He seemed so tiny, even in his blue Mothercare baby bath. Bathing him now in our normal bath, I struggle to even remember how tiny he must have been in that baby bath. He's the total opposite of a fragile baby, he's a big strong bubble-beard wearing, strong willed, shower-head wielding toddler, and more than happy to flood the bathroom at any given opportunity...

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  1. Such gorgeous black and white photos of LO! x

  2. Ah I love your photos, especially the first one. I remember Ethans first bath so well too.. I was trying to be all delicate with him and I was pretty nervous if I'm honest hehe :) x


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