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{Let Them Be Little} #5 'Bye Bye Mummy'

At my baby shower, my mum gave me a lovely gift- a baby journal in which I could document all Little One's 'firsts', milestones, favourite things and weights and heights at different stages. I was always pretty organised at documenting all these moments, no matter how small they may have seemed. To us, they were the most exciting events ever, from the first bath, his early days bedtime routines, to the day he first focused his beautiful baby blue eyes or the day he got his first tooth through. I'm so glad I wrote it all down as it can be so easy for forget when these moments happen. 

I was showing Little One his special baby journal the other day and we were looking at the page about first words. Little One's first word was 'dat' meaning cat; he must have been inspired as we have two cats. Like many babies, the word Dada followed and then what felt like months later, Mama (much to my happiness!) Of course, there were other words in between, many which I failed to note down, normally because life can move at such a fast pace, it's impossible to document everything. 

Over the next few months, a repertoire of single words developed, and although we forgot to document any, we were no less impressed and proud of him saying each and every new word. The sound of his soft little voice just makes me smile from ear to ear. There's something very reassuring about your toddler chattering away, so innocent and carefree. Favourite every day words now include Mummy, Daddy, Peppa (of course), 'Homas (Thomas), No, Yeh, Toast, Poo, Hello, Bye Bye, More, Door, Car, Bear, Cat, Chloe and Lexie (our two cats), Book, Scuttlebug, Snack and many, many more... It's amazing how the words just build up over the weeks. Of course, I haven't documented each word, but they're used on such a regular basis, I'm able to remember most. 

A couple of months ago, Little One started to link two words together to form two word phrases. I'm sure like most parents, the excitement of hearing your little one string two words together for the first time is just as exciting as hearing him mutter his first ever word. Bye bye, no no no, Daddy's car, Mummy's car, Oh dear, Oh no, Love you, night night are some of his favourites and have just become part and parcel of our everyday little chats and conversations. This week though, I had a total and utter proud mummy moment. I take him to nursery twice a week and we always have a little chat in the car on the way there. I deliberately drive slowly so I can have a bit of extra time with him in the car, and we love chatting about animals we see in the fields on the way. He chatted about the cows and horses and all the cars we saw. 

When we reached nursery, I dropped him off at the door, gave him his little Fireman Sam bag and off he toddled. He turned around, waved at me and said 'Bye Bye Mummy' for the first time. It really hit me hard and I almost burst into tears, not just because I always feel sad saying bye bye at nursery, but because of those three little words. How many other times through his childhood and teenage years will he say those words I wonder? His first day at school, going away on his first school trip, going to his first sleepover and years down the line, when he leaves for university or to move into his own house. I was so touched and incredibly proud of him. It probably sounds so over the top and silly, but anyone with a toddler who is learning to talk will know what a big achievement this is for them, and how saying bye bye to Mummy can be so moving. 

I have no idea if at nearly 22 months he's on track with his talking, but I don't mind as I know he is trying his very best and that's all any parent can ask for really. Each milestone is of course so bittersweet. With each new step comes great excitement but also a little sorrow saying goodbye to days gone by. Reading back through his baby journal with him made me realise how much he's changed and how he truly is a little toddler now. Time slow down and let them be little a while longer please. 

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  1. Lovely post once again, i remember feeling the same with my girls when they first said this! ad I had the same baby journal with Yve's but in pink, and the pregnancy one too :) I know what you mean with life going a fast pace, I think all we can do is our best in preserving it xx


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