Sunday, 31 May 2015

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 2015: May

Each month that passes, it really does feel like it has gone by in even more of a flash than the previous. For me, I would sum May up as being the month we spent lots of time as a family enjoying our little house in the countryside and going on simple local trips to parks. We have spent many hours in the garden and done stage one of a little garden makeover, which I'm sure I'll feature on my blog soon. Mr F has worked incredibly hard to make the garden a prettier place for us all to enjoy, and while the weather has been disappointing, I'm so glad we have put in the hard work so that we can enjoy it as a family over the warmer summer months. Little One and I have been on lots of our own little park adventures, and while these mornings out aren't exotic or to far away places, to Little One they seem like the biggest, most fun adventures of all. And it's those ordinary, simple moments which we seem to enjoy the most in our little family. 

Having said that, we have been looking at booking our family holiday for this year which has been exciting. I'll be doing a little blog post about our little shortlist of destinations. While we won't be going away until September, it's definitely got us all in the holiday mood and I cannot wait to take Little One away. Yesterday we had one of our most exciting adventures of the month, going over to Leeds to visit Tropical World, botanical gardens and a fantastic fun fair where LO had his first experience of two little funfair rides. His face was an absolute picture as he shouted "wow" the whole way around the rides. 

The weather was gorgeously sunny and as we went with my youngest sister and her boyfriend, I asked her to take a few family snaps of us by this rather gorgeous brick archway. I looked back on my previous Me and Mine photos recently and noticed that we seem to always swing Little One by the arms in all the photos... usually because he prefers to run off than have his photo taken, and this is a sure fire way to get him in the photo as he loves being swung by the arms. Perhaps it will become a little Me and Mine tradition to include one like this each month...

This month, I have been loving:
*Taking Little One to the park
*Planning a little makeover of our hallway and stairs
*Our trip to Tropical World and the funfair
*Getting exciting for going to Blogtacular in June
*Chatting with Natalie from Little Jam Pot Life- what a lovely lady she is

Little One has been loving:
*Trips to the park
*Playing football
*Learning more new words
*Joining words together
*Eating lots of strawberries
*Going to see snakes and fish at Tropical World
*Fireman Sam, and singing the theme tune
*Going on the tea cup ride and the Thomas rollercoaster at the fun fair

Daddy has been loving:
*The fact that the disappointing Liverpool season has ended
*Doing a little garden makeover
*Starting to decorate our hallway and stairs
*Looking at houses on RightMove

dear beautiful


  1. These are SUCH gorgeous, happy photos! xx

    1. Aww thank you so much Alex :) We tend to have to swing LO in photos to get him to cooperate but then he loves it so much and gets the giggles! xx

  2. Oh these are such BEAUTIFUL happy photos lovely. xx

    1. Thank you so much Katie :) It was such a lovely sunny day which helped I think, but the setting is just lovely. If ever you're up in Leeds, your girls would LOVE tropical world and the gardens and park. xx

  3. What a gorgeous set of pics. You can see just how happy you are — it's radiating out of them! Just lovely :) #MeAndMine

    Caro |

    1. Aww what a lovely comment :) we are pretty bonkers as a family- LO must think his parents are crackers- we act like big kids ourselves and just all get the giggles! x

  4. I love these photos - they're just so cheerful :-))
    #meandmine Sabrina xx

    1. Aww thank you so much Sabrina- the colours do make me feel quite spring like and ready for a lovely summer! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) x

  5. Aww such sweet photos - I love the plan of a tradition of a swinging photo - just so long as your arms can hold up - and yay for Blogtacular being soon - I'm so looking forward to it!

    1. Thank you so much Carie :) Haha well he's about 30 lbs at the moment and not yet two, so not sure my arms will cope for too long! I hadn't thought of that! Maybe him and his daddy could swing me in the air instead ;) I'm only tiny! Aww yey for blogtacular- hope to see you there! xx

  6. These photos are so so so beautiful!! The colours are stunning and you look so happy! xx

  7. These are just beautiful, my favourite is LO in the air xxx gorgeous #meandmine

  8. Oh wow these photo's are stunning, you all look so happy :)


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