Monday, 18 May 2015

Meal Planning Monday: May 18th

So after being really good about meal planning for about 4 weeks, last week it all went to pot and our meals were kind of all over the place. I planned meals and even went to buy all the necessary ingredients, but sometimes life can take over and other things get in the way. We just never seemed to eat what we had planned for. I am also terrible for forgetting to get things out of the freezer to defrost. After looking at a rather bare fridge this morning and discovering I didn't even have any milk or cereal, I thought a Tesco online shop was sort of necessary. 

Before I do my online shop, I like to go through the cupboards, make a list of what I've got in and see what meals I could rustle up with those things. Then I think of what other meals we want and check on snacks and other store cupboard essentials we need and add those to the list. 

This week, I have taken some meal inspiration from Gino D'Acampo's Book, Pronto! Let's Cook Italian in 20 minutes. 

Here is what we are going to have this week:

Out at Grandparent's house- Casserole

Macaroni cheese with green vegetables

Linguine in a tuna and smoked salmon sauce


Skewered chicken meatballs with garlic yogurt dip

Roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings

Pulled chicken with minted new potatoes and salad



  1. Your menu sounds delicious, I love the sound of the skewered chicken meatballs with garlic yogurt dip.

    1. Thank you Daniella :) I can highly recommend the skewered chicken meatballs- it's a Gino D'Acampo recipe and is really easy and quick x

  2. I try and do exactly the same as you - use up what I have in the freezer/cupboard. Sometimes though it's just stuff I don't fancy.

    Great meal plan though and hope it goes more to plan this week for you.

    Beth xx

    1. Thank You Beth :) I am slowly getting better at using up stuff, but like you, sometimes we just fancy something different! So far so good with our meal plan this week x

  3. Oh delicious meal plan for the week. I really fancy the skewered chicken meatballs, they sound amazing! Have a great week #mealplanningmonday


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