Tuesday, 5 May 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #18 'Bye Bye Bottle'

This week, we had one of our most ordinary, daily moments change dramatically. A moment which has been the same for about 18 months and one which has become so ingrained in our daily lives. Every evening after his bath, we have wrapped Little One up in a fluffy hooded towel, carried him down to his bedroom and sat on the floor, cradling him in our arms as if he were still a newborn, and fed him his bottle. It's the moment that signals the close of a busy day for him and that it's time for a story and a night night cuddle. He has always loved his bottle of milk and it has always soothed him and calmed him down.

This week, however, was the week we decided that we thought he was about ready to say bye bye bottle. As much as it broke my heart to have to take his beloved bottle away from him, deep down I knew that we probably should have weaned him off it a while ago and despite all the guidelines, I'm very much a believer of them doing things in their own sweet time, when they are ready.

The first evening we didn't give him his bottle was really hard and felt like we were really saying goodbye to his baby days. Due to my own problems, I never managed to breastfeed Little One properly after he was 10 days old, and so he had expressed milk from a bottle instead until he was 6 months, so the bottle is all we have ever really truly known. As a parent, babyhood is full of bittersweet moments- Sad on the one hand that they're growing up so quickly but exciting that they're getting big and strong and achieving new milestones. Just as you get used to one thing, time flashes past you and they've changed and moved onto their next step in life. 

It's felt strange the past few days not having him lying in my arms wrapped up in a fluffy towel, peacefully drinking his milk. He also found it hard the first two nights and must have wondered why on earth we were trying to give him milk out of his cup. We even tried giving him whole milk with a straw in a cup. He was not impressed in the slightest and with options being rejected each evening, it was decided that we would abandon bedtime milk altogether for now. 

So after four nights without the bedtime bottle, we are so proud of how he has just adapted without it. We were really worried it would affect his sleeping patterns but it hasn't in the slightest. We give him his toothbrush as soon as he gets into his bedroom and he loves that so much anyway that it distracts him from thinking about the bottle. Now we get to sit and chat about our days, and have an extra bedtime story instead. And while it does make me feel sad to say goodbye to one of the last of his baby-like ways, I know that really, he'll always be my little baby boy. 

I was looking back through my iPhone and found that I'd captured some rather sweet memories of Little One enjoying his bottle.

Aged 4 and a half months.

12 months

Bye bye bottle at 21 months. Enjoying brushing teeth and an extra story instead. 

mummy daddy me


  1. It sounds like the transition went really well and it was great timing I think. He's growing up! x

  2. Oh bless him, it's such a big step isn't it, I remember it well with Mads and LL, although it was breast-feeding for us, and then Mads had a bottle as well that we had to also get rid of. It sounds like LO took it all in his stride though bless him! They grow up far too fast. xx

  3. I remember this with my girls but with breastfeeding also. Phoenix is almost there too now and I am feeling emotional already! Lovely photos xx

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