Sunday, 17 May 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #20 'A Grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend...'

My parents used to live just 10 minutes away from us and we would be around there all the time. We would pop round most days, eat there a few times a week and then go home again in the evening. When Little One was born, we continued this weekly tradition of going around and they got to see him quite regularly. And while it was lovely, it was just part of our routine and we didn't make a big thing of it. I've mentioned before that they moved to rural France last summer, and when they moved, I was so worried that Little One would forget them through not seeing them often. Since last summer, we have absolutely made sure that we make every effort to either fly over there or get them to come and stay here, because I want my mum to be able to enjoy every special moment that comes with being a grandparent. It is a truly special role in life and Little One is so lucky to be able to know his four grandparents, as that is something that I didn't have. 

Recently my mum has been coming over to see us for a week every month. Last week was one of her weeks here and it was just so lovely to be able to spend that quality time with her. There were moments every day which made me smile, watching her play and look after Little One. It made me think about my relationship with my own Grandma when I was little. It was a very very different situation, probably more down to it being a generational thing and the fact she was already in her 70s when I was born, and while I loved her dearly, the relationship we had with her was very different to the relationship between Little One and his Granma. 

I was able to step back this week and enjoy watching them play together. My mum loves make believe games, reading, painting, drawing and kicking a ball and pretty much anything fun. She reverts back to how she was with us as little toddlers and it's almost like watching my own toddler days in replay. She played kitchens and pretend cooking, they did gardening together, lots of reading and bedtime stories each night and lots of laughing and giggling. 

While sometimes it can be hard that we can't just nip around down the road to see her when we feel like it, we really love this wonderful opportunity to have her stay here for a week at a time. For her to get stuck in to real life in our house and live our routine with us. Little One has come on in leaps and bounds since she has been staying and he is getting a wonderful opportunity to get to develop an extra special bond with his Granma. I mean, how many toddlers get to play football down at the park with their Grandma?

I really do have fond memories of my toddler days with my Granma, and even though we didn't really play games with her, I can still remember those days so vividly. I hope that some of these special moments with Granma will remain with Little One like they have with me. It broke my heart into a million pieces watching Little One say bye bye to her at the airport today, but I am so excited to be able to take him over there for a week in June to see her and make more lovely memories with his lovely Granma. 

"A Grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend" - Author unknown. 

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  1. What a lovely quote- and that's absolutely amazing that your Mum comes for a week every month. I bet you absolutely adore having her here. I would hate for my Mum to move abroad but in actual fact I bet you have even more treasured memories when she stays for a whole week, I would love it. Quality time I am sure. x

  2. Such a lovely post - it is so wonderful that you are able to see each other so much despite the distance. It shows just how much love there is in your family. I think that grandparents are so important and it's lovely that Little One is able to keep that relationship xx

  3. What a beautiful post. My son only has one grandparent, my father, and he lives at the other end of the country and we don't have a great relationship. However, we do have other family locally and we are so lucky my son has an amazing relationship with my sisters and my aunt. x


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