Monday, 1 June 2015

{Let Them Be Little} #7 'Imagination'

I've mentioned recently how the Let Them Be Little link up has got me thinking back to my own childhood and how nostalgic it makes me feel.  When I was little, my brother, sisters and I would spend hours playing outside- hide and seek, forts under the weeping willow tree, we would make flower perfumes and build houses for ladybirds. We developed the most vivid imaginations and I think being outside developed our sense of imagination more than anywhere else. 

This weekend we were out and about and as I watched Little One playing amongst the flowering pink rhododendron bushes, I could see what a sense of adventure he's developng- I can also now see a sense of imagination developing which really makes me smile. As a toddler my parents used to always take us to a place called the Bowood Estate in Wiltshire. My grandma was lucky enough to grow up on the estate as a child and so it was always a bit of a yearly tradition to go and see the flowers and run around, happy and carefree. Watching LO this weekend was like watching myself again back on that country estate in Wiltshire in the 80s. 

I love how toddlers can make an adventure from the simplest of things- he thought that hiding in the bushes was the best game ever and he was convinced we couldn't see him. I could just hear him giggling away to himself, happy as can be. I also love how toddlers can get so much fun from a simple object- a loose branch laying on the floor became a torch for him to wield around, a hoover to vacuum the grass with and an aeroplane to run around with, sound effects included. This is imagination developing right before our very eyes, and it's magical to watch. 

I love this quote by Albert Einstein

Linking up with the lovely Natalie from Little Jam Pot Life and Living Arrows

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  1. Lovely photos. Boys do love their twigs and branches. They always find them - great for imagination. #livingarrows

  2. That quote is one of my favourites, I have it above my desk. I think us adults should resort back to being kids once in a while. it's the best place ever, where anything is possible! I love revisiting my childhood memories, thanks for linking up xx

  3. Beautiful photos lovely and that quote is one of my favourites. x


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