Sunday, 21 June 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #25 My Two Boys...

Mr F and Little One, two peas in a pod and the best of friends. Otherwise referred to by me as "my two boys". It's something I started doing a long time ago and it's one of those funny little things that has just stuck. I'll often come in and ask "how are my two boys?" or "what are my two boys up to?" as I go into the living room and find them rolling about giggling after pretending to be horses. Alike in so many ways yet so different in others, Little One is very much the apple of his daddy's eye and you can just tell by the way he looks at him that he worships the ground his daddy walks on.

In fact every weekday morning, as Mr F has already gone to work, I go in to wake Little One up and the first thing he says when he opens his sleepy eyes is "". Sometimes he'll ask "Daddy...bath?" assuming he's hiding upstairs in the bathroom. The look on his little face when I say no he's gone to work is utter disappointment, but he quickly recovers, bottom lip goes away and he's back to passing me every soft toy in hid bed, naming each animal as he goes. We go downstairs for some breakfast and he looks longingly out of the window for Mr F's white car. "No Daddy car?" he'll say. And this is the same routine every single day. His little conversations about his daddy have become such a predictable part of his little morning routine, it really is so sweet. 

Last weekend, Mr F looked after Little One for the whole weekend while I was away in London for Blogtacular (you can read all about my weekend here). I was in pieces leaving my two boys at the train station, even though I have been away from them for three whole nights before. But I knew they'd have a fantastic time together, going out for walks together, going to swimming class and spending time with family. Nothing out of the ordinary but nice for them to spend some quality time together. They do have the odd few hours together at weekends fairly regularly when I'm out working with my card business or music teaching, but for the most part, I am generally always around (I don't get out much...) so they don't often get time with just the two of them. 

I often watch them together and I get quite choked up. They share such a special bond and it always blows me away how wonderful a daddy Mr F is. Before we had children, I always knew he'd be a good father, but it was only when he was holding Little One in the hospital when I truly realised just how wonderful a daddy he was. It's often the small things which could go unnoticed but which I think are the most special. The way he gently washes LO's hair in the bath, or how he wraps him up in a towel and plays aeroplanes around the house with him after his bath. 

Yesterday, we woke up at 3am to hear LO being badly sick in his cot. We both went to sort him out, and the way Mr F scooped him up, wiped his little face with a flannel and cradled him was so sweet. I had to work yesterday and then LO continued to be sick. They spent the morning together, going for a walk and watching Fireman Sam, all the while Mr F cleaning up sick, and making his little boy feel better. When I came back armed with all the essentials for getting over a tummy bug, my two boys were curled up together in front of the TV, and Little One looked the picture of happiness, even if he wasn't feeling his best. As long as he has his daddy by his side, I know he'll always be ok. 

Happy Father's Day Daddy xxx

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  1. Hope your little one is feeling much better soon. Lovely photos x

  2. Oh what gorgeous pictures of what is clearly a very special bond. I hope your little one is feeling better soon :)

  3. Beautiful Amelia, such a lovely thing to have such a loving Daddy to guide him through life xx


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