Thursday, 30 July 2015

Toddler Room Makeover Inspiration

With a second baby on the way, within the next year or so Mr F and I have got quite a few big decisions to make in regard to our lifestyle. We currently live in a 3 bedroomed converted barn, and while the downstairs space is big and open, we find the upstairs of the house is disproportionately smaller to the downstairs. The middle floor has the master bedroom and one smallish bedroom which is Little One's room, while the family bathroom is on the top floor with the third bedroom, both of which are built into the roof space. 

Our third bedroom on the top floor currently serves as home office for Mr F, guest bedroom but also general storage/dumping ground as we have no garage or loft in which to store things. It is a room we don't like and struggle to make proper use of. We are now reaching the point of full capacity in our cosy house, with endless amounts of toys, clothes and books, and with another on the way, we really do need to have a think about what to do with our house. Do we re-locate and move elsewhere, somewhere closer to Mr F's work in the Midlands area or do we stay put and make the most of the space we do have? After all, we do really love our little house and it's generally cheaper to stay put than move, right?

 The office area at one end of the 'L' shaped room. 

The main bedroom part of the 'L' shape. Currently this houses a sofa bed for guests and under-eaves storage cupboards.

If we go for option 2, we need to have a serious update of our third bedroom as this would become Little One's new bedroom once new baby was old enough to go in the nursery. I'd want to make it really child friendly, bright and colourful for him, a little space all of his own. As it's in the attic, the room gets very warm in the summer and cold in the winter, so we would need to consider window coverings carefully too. Here is what we would need to do to transform a tired and multi-use room into a beautiful space fit for a little prince. Of course, we would also need to consider the all important carpet and decor too, but until we find out the baby's gender, we aren't even thinking about this aspect. 

Under-Eaves Storage 

The room does have a lot of under-eaves storage behind the cupboards, but as this is the only storage in the house, we would need to start again with re-ordering and re-organising it all. Rather than just cupboard doors, it would be useful to get a storage solution designed and built into the eaves. Although this can be costly, it would help us to get organised and store things properly. 

Windows and Blinds

Our entire top floor has 4 VELUX roof windows, with two very large ones in the third bedroom. Currently, we don't have any window coverings and it has proved to be a bit of a problem for when we have had guests to stay, particularly in the summer months when it gets light so early in the mornings. For us, getting proper fitted blinds would be a number one priority if this was to become Little One's bedroom. He sleeps so much more soundly when the room is dark, and blackout blinds would be an essential requirement for any bedroom update. 

I have been looking into two designs of VELUX blinds from : The Disney and VELUX Dream Collection which comes in 12 different designs featuring Disney characters, are fully blackout and can be tailored to fit the exact shape and size of our large VELUX windows. 

If we decided to opt for something more plain, there is also the VELUX Blackout Blind which not only provides total blackout in the room 24/7, but it also helps keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer with the use of a reflective aluminium coating on the rear side of the blind. I also like how the blind fits to the window, so even with the blind down, you can still have the window open. Something which also appeals to me with the VELUX blinds is the vast colour choice, with something to suit most decors. 


The bedroom does have a cupboard already built in, so there wouldn't be any need for a stand alone wardrobe, but we hope that if Little One does use this as his bedroom, he will be in a big boy toddler bed by next year so that new baby can use the cot. I saw the Flexa single bed on the Saccone Joly's vlog when their daughter went into a big girl bed and thought it looked ideal. The wooden sides mean they can't roll out but you can also take them off when they're ready for that stage. The room is an awkward 'L' shape too, so the furniture would need to fit into this. 

So those are my initial ideas for how to transform our multi-use third attic bedroom into a bedroom which would be suitable for a toddler. If you have any ideas which you find work well in a toddler bedroom, do let me know in the comments section below!

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