Saturday, 18 July 2015

{Weekly Bump Update} Week 13

You may have seen on here or on my social media that we announced some very special news the other day. We have been overwhelmed by the wonderful messages and kind comments we have received- thank you to everyone who sent such lovely wishes of congratulations.

Baby #2 is due New Year's Day 2016. Whether or not we will be seeing in the New Year in the hospital or not we will have to wait and see (if they're as late as LO was we could be waiting until mid-January) , but we are hugely excited and can't wait for Little One to have a little sibling. 

Today I am actually 16 weeks + 1, but as it took us a bit of time to getting around to announcing it, I haven't been able to post any weekly bump updates, which is something I really want to do this time around. I think back to being pregnant with LO in 2012-2013 and struggle to remember how I felt, and what milestones we had, so I am really excited to document as much as I can this time. 

I will be posting updates from weeks 13 to 16 over the next couple of days, so here is my (better late than never) update for week 13. I look back on this photo now and realise just how tired I was- I felt shattered! It also surprised us how quickly I started to show this time around and had to wear very loose fitting clothing for weeks as we hadn't told anyone yet. 


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