Monday, 31 August 2015

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 2015: August

I know I am probably starting to sound like a broken record, but I am struggling to realise we have reached the end of summer, and yet another month of 2015 has passed us by in a blur! It hardly feels like 2 minutes ago that we were in the full throes of July, celebrating LO's 2nd birthday. August has been a funny old month. I look back and I am quite honestly forgetting what we have got up to. I think mostly because we really have had a quiet sort of month, pottering about at home, running errands and generally catching up with things. But as much as we love going on adventures and holidays and exploring different places, we are all home birds and love spending time snuggling at home too. 

For the past three summers including this summer, since LO was born, we haven't gone away over the summer holidays and instead opted to go away at the start of the new school year when it's quieter and a bit cheaper. We want to make the most of this before LO starts school, and so this September will be when we have the excitement of our family holiday. 

The most exciting moment of August for us as a family was definitely our 20 week scan. We were so excited to find out the gender and it was lovely being able to tell LO he is having a baby brother. He now regularly points at my belly and says 'Baby Brother' and gives my belly a kiss. It's really rather adorable and makes my heart swell with pride. I just cannot wait for them to meet and begin their journey of brotherhood together. This month I have also been getting quite a bit bigger in the belly department and have been loving documenting the weekly changes in my bump updates on my blog (something I never did when I was expecting LO). 

We are slightly cheating this month with our family portraits. We haven't really taken that many photos due to the horrible weather we have had, but I wanted these to be our photos for this month as they hold very special memories. You may recognise one from our gender reveal earlier in the month, but as finding out we are having a little boy was the highlight of the month for us, it seems apt to have these as our family photo for August. Also they were taken by our house in a very secluded spot which is very special to us and take LO on a walk there most evenings. 

This month, I have loved:
*Having our 20 week scan
*Finding out we are having a little boy
*Lazy days at home
*Spending far too much time looking on RightMove at dream houses

Little One has loved:
*Playing horsey-horsey on daddy's back
*Spending lots of time playing in his Granny and Umpa's garden
*Finding out he's having a baby brother

Daddy has loved:
*The start of football season
*Finally having some free weekends at home
*Finding out we are having another little boy

dear beautiful


  1. Congratulations on second little boy. It must be lovely for LO to know he's going to be having a baby brother and must surely help with the big adjustments that are going to happen.

    Such beautiful shots and a lovely way of announcing the gender. :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Thank you so much Jenna. We are so excited but also a bit nervous too, can't wait for LO to have a brother to play with though :) Thank you for stopping by x

  2. Congratulations on bubs#2 and how adorable are those photos!!

    1. Aww thank you! We enjoyed taking them earlier in the month and it's lovely to document these things x

  3. Congratulations! Such a sweet and special photo. I can not believe how quickly time moves these days. Thank you for sharing your photos will us.

    1. It's an absolute pleasure. I love taking part in Me and Mine, we are collecting some lovely family memories as photos, and I know I'd never get around to it so regularly if it weren't for the Me and Mine project x

  4. These photos are gorgeous and I love the sentiment behind them. You look so happy! x

    1. Thank you so much Donna. Yes they are very special photos, and I'm so pleased we documented it! x

  5. What lovely and colourful photos. #meandmine


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