Wednesday, 30 September 2015

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 2015: September

Once again, it's felt like such a quick month. In fact, the whole year has whizzed by and I can't believe we are now heading into Autumn. The highlight of this month for us was definitely our wonderful family holiday to Porto Santo. It really was a truly amazing holiday and I'd love to go back again when we are a family of four! Bar a couple of weekends away we have planned , this was our last holiday with just LO, so we wanted to make it super special for him. Having been feeling really exhausted all summer, it was definitely the break away that I needed.

Our family photos for this month were all taken on self timer in Porto Santo (the focus is a bit out on some of them but I still love them as they'll always bring back such fond memories of our little holiday). We tended to go down to the beach for a walk and a play in the sand each evening after dinner. And of course, I had to get in my usual shot of us swinging LO by the arms...a trick guaranteed to get him smiling at the camera!

I can't believe I'm now in my 27th week of pregnancy with baby # 2. Again, it's just whizzing by so quickly and knowing how fast Autumn has flown by in previous years, we'll be in the full swing of the Christmas season before we know it.

So onto October...We have a weekend away to London planned to see my brother and sister and their other halves, which I'm really excited about. I've not really planned what we are going to do but I'm sure there will be some park visits and hopefully we will be able to show LO a few of the sights too. October is a month I've always loved, with the changing colours on the trees, cosy nights in and the excitement of Halloween.

So that's our Me and Mine photos for this month. Here's what we have been loving:

Mummy has been loving:
*Swimming on holiday
*Not having to cook for a whole week!
*Feeling baby boy move lots
*Relaxed days at home with LO

Little One has been loving:
*Swimming in his spiderman ring on holiday
*Pushing daddy in the pool constantly
*Eating chips and ice cream on holiday
*An endless stream of breadsticks
*Feeling the sand between his toes
*Building sand pyramids

Daddy has been loving:
*Being away on holiday
*Swimming with LO
*Lots of tasty food while we were away
*Getting the attic room sorted

dear beautiful


  1. The months really do fly by so fast. What absolutely gorgeous photos! I especially love the lighting and colours of the one of you all sat on the beach! xx

    1. This year has been the quickest ever. Aw thank you so much, the sky really was a very vivid blue, the island has the most gorgeous sunsets and golden light xx

  2. Gorgeous! Location looks beautiful. Congratulations on your impending arrival too :) #meandmine

  3. Oh wow - these are all absolutely stunning photographs of you all. I wouldn't know which one to frame! xx

  4. Oh how lovely - your holiday sounds amazing and your shots are just gorgeous!


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