Sunday, 6 September 2015

Review: Bobux Children's Shoes

As some members of my family have always had foot problems, I have always been a stickler for making sure LO is wearing decent footwear which is well made. I get his feet measured very regularly and tend to go for styles which offer lots of support and comfort. After all, I have seen the effects bad shoes can have on feet, and foot problems are something I'll do anything to avoid with LO. He currently only has two pairs of shoes in use, and except one pair, every pair of shoes he's ever had have come from the same high street retailer. 

Therefore, when I was asked recently if LO would like to try out a pair of Bobux children's shoes, I jumped at the chance and I was keen for him to try a different brand to the usual one we go for. I must admit, I hadn't heard of the brand Bobux before, so I was interested to know a bit more about them. Based in New Zealand, the innovative range of shoes aim to mimic the natural freedom of bare feet. Children's feet change and adapt a huge deal in their first 5 years, so the shoes allow children's feet "to grow, flex, strengthen and develop naturally". 

I found the website really easy to use, and the measuring advice was useful too, providing a size converter as the shoes are in EU sizes. There is a range of different types of shoes available, from new-b which is for newborn feet, soft sole for developing feet, xplorer for babies taking their first steps, step up for first walkers and i-walk for confident walkers. I was really impressed with the range of styles and colours on offer for both boys and girls and I found it helpful being able to input the style of shoe I wanted.

I particularly liked the range of boys trainer shoes and hi-tops. Unfortunately the style we wanted was out of stock in LO's size, so we opted for a pair of leather splash boots in green. I thought these would be both comfortable and sensible for the great British Autumn, as they use something called Splashtex technology, meaning they're water resistant and hardwearing, yet warm, unlike conventional wellies. Ok, so at £60.00 these are more pricey than your standard wellies, but I'd say they are more versatile and smart. 

LO's green boots have a zip down the side which is an added bonus, as getting boots onto a toddler's foot can prove quite difficult sometimes. When they arrived, I was a little disappointed with the colour, which in real life looks a bit slimey green rather than the vivd fern green as it appears on the website and it does make them look a bit more 'welly' like from a distance. They do also come in red, black and brown though, so plenty to choose from. The soles are made of rubber and are soft and flexible, which is great as so often you find with 'confident walker' shoes, the soles can be a bit tough and easy to trip over in. 

The boots are easy to get on as long as trousers aren't too baggy. LO was really keen to try them out and has been wearing them a lot since. Although they're leather, I did find the surface of the shoes scratched quite easily, but LO is always up and down stone steps and climbing on small walls, and in doing so has scratched the material.He walks well in them and I think they'll be perfect for the Autumn and Winter months. Overall, we are very pleased with the boots, it's just a shame that toddler's feet grow so quickly as we may only get a few months use out of them. 

Bobux shoes are available to buy from their website but you can also buy the shoes from independent stores around the UK too. See their store locator page to find your nearest stockist.

NB: I was very kindly offered the chance to choose a pair of shoes from Bobux for the purposes of this review, but as always, all opinions expressed and photos are my own. 


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous, love the colour! We're big Bobux fans x

    1. They're gorgeous little autumn boots aren't they? Hopefully they will see him through this cold season! I'd never heard of them before but I think they're fab! X

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