Thursday, 24 September 2015

Review: Huggies Little Swimmers

Ever since Little One was 13 weeks old, we have been taking him for regular swimming lessons. Each week, bar holidays and during times of illness, we go to take him to his lesson where of course he is required to wear a swim nappy, so over the past 2 years of swimming lessons, we have certainly got through a lot of swim nappies. 

We also like to go on holiday and whenever we do, we always try to make sure there's a swimming pool. We recently went away to Porto Santo, so I was really pleased that Huggies got in touch just before we went away to ask if we would like to try out their Huggies Little Swimmers swim nappies. 

I took a whole pack of size 3-4 away with us on holiday and with 12 nappies in a pack, it lasted the whole week. Here's our thoughts...


Little Swimmers are great in that they don't swell when in contact with water. We have had to use a normal nappy in water before as we had no swim nappy with us, and it was not a good experience! These stay in shape and we didn't experience any toilet accidents while he was wearing them. You do need to change them quite frequently as it's the limited absorbency that stops them from ballooning in the water. 


The nappies feature bright and engaging Disney characters which are bright and fun. LO had no problem at all with wearing these as he liked the pictures and I always let him pick out which design he wanted to wear. It all adds to the fun of going swimming!

Ease of Use

We found the easiest way to put the nappy on was to pull it up like a pull on nappy, and then to un-do the sticky tabs at the side once we'd finished with the nappy. I found this method easy and convenient, although if you prefer you can undo the sticky tabs and put it on like a normal nappy before swimming. It also means you can adjust how tight the nappy can be. If your Little One does a number 2 in the pool, those sticky tabs will be an absolute Godsend, trust me!


The cost of one packet seems to range from around £2.99 to £5.99, but they can often be found on offer at many supermarkets. On average the size 3-4 pack is £5.20 12 in a pack so they're around 44p a nappy. However, for a swimming lesson we will only use one nappy, so a pack can last us up to 12 weeks. On holiday we used around 2 a day, so one pack got us through the whole holiday. And for peace of mind that you're not going to have any poo accidents in the pool, I think this is money well spent!


Little One quite happily wore his swim nappies with no fuss. He was able to move his legs freely, run around and kick his legs in the pool without having a big nappy weigh him down while the stretchy side panels allowed for freedom of movement in the water. The material of the nappy was also very soft against the skin. 

Overall Verdict

Overall we were really pleased with the Huggies Little Swimmers. LO was comfortable and had no accidents in the pool and even though LO wore either swim shorts or a UV suit over the top, these are such a fun design there's not really any need to wear another layer over the top, particularly with the unique leak guard which these nappies have. I would definitely buy these again for our future swimming lessons. 

NB: I was very kindly sent one packet of Huggies Little Swimmers for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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