Tuesday, 1 September 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #35 'Sisters'

At nearly 23 weeks pregnant, I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that in around 4 months or so, I will not only have Little One, but also a tiny newborn to look after. I don't think it's fully sunk in yet that I am going to be mummy to two little boys. I keep imagining what it will be like, and picturing life two and a bit years ago when I was at home after a two week stay in hospital, Mr F back at work after paternity leave, with my precious newborn baby boy. 

The days were quiet, calm and sometimes a bit lonely. Looking back, it feels like I spent most of my time sitting expressing, as breastfeeding in the conventional way didn't work out after day 14, but of course we did lots of lovely things together too. We often went for summer walks together, and I would spend hours gazing at his beautiful eyes and spiky black hair. He loved lying on my chest asleep on the sofa while I sat watching episodes of Don't Tell the Bride and Escape to the Country. I keep imagining that come January, when baby boy arrives, it will be the same, but I've come to realise that it will probably be the total opposite. 

I am sure I won't spend so many hours sitting on the sofa mindlessly watching TV. I will have a toddler to think about and play with too. Even though it'll be winter, I will take LO to the park to play football and go on the swings. But I think this will be best for me too. I know that when I had LO, we hadn't had the easiest start to life as parents. With LO in special care and then both of us having to stay in hospital, it felt like a difficult transition once we had come home. I felt really down and almost isolated, and I am determined for this to not happen again this time. I have experience on my side though, and know the importance of trying to maintain as normal a routine as possible, both for mine and LO's sanity, and also new baby too. After all, I believe happy mummy equals happy baby. 

With this in mind, Mr F being the amazing husband that he is, suggested that I should make the most of this time pre-baby # 2 and make more time for myself when I am just Amelia, not Mummy. Time when I can switch off for the evening, take time out from the bedtime routine, cooking and cleaning up, and just have a couple of hours 'me time'. He suggested that I go out for the evening with my youngest sister, who lives close by. I was so excited as I haven't done anything like that since our wedding anniversary in July, and I've never really gone out for the evening with just my sister. 

Being the indecisive twins that we are, it took us all day to decide what to do, before heading out to a Mexican restaurant called Chiquitos. We ordered mocktails 'mock-jitos' which were just as delicious as the alcoholic versions, huge portions of chimichangas and laughed and chatted all evening. We were going to go to the cinema too but being the crazy kids we are, decided it'd be more fun and less money to go for a walk around a Tesco superstore. All we really wanted was Pick 'n Mix, but it was so much fun, browsing the deserted aisles late at night. It wouldn't have really mattered what we did, the main thing was that we were enjoying quality sister time together and I was able to be away from the house for a short while. 

I don't know what life will end up being like in the New Year of 2016, nothing can even be certain. But what I do know is that we will go from being a three to four, there will be massive changes to adjust to, but all the while, we will try our best to maintain our little routine. Mr F and I will also learn to make more time for ourselves, as a Mr and Mrs, as well as Mummy and Daddy to our two little monkeys.



  1. Have you thought about getting a stretchy wrap you you can be hands free and the baby can be close to you?

  2. Aw it sounds like you had a lovely evening with your sister and myself and my sister are big fans of Chiquitos too. And are also both completely indecisive! xx


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