Tuesday, 1 September 2015

{Weekly Bump Update} Week 22

Not sure why I look so angry in this photo, I think I was trying to capture a shot quickly before LO knocked the tripod over and took control of the camera. I have felt pretty ropey this week, and have had moments where I've felt so breathless, like when I had to walk a way across to go and pick up my car from being serviced last Tuesday. I rang the midwife but she wasn't very helpful and told me the baby was just using my oxygen. Luckily, I haven't felt too dizzy this week. I'm trying to be a bit better with my diet, and have enjoyed drinking orange juice which I'm not usually too fussed about. As I don't like eating fruit, I am trying to make fruity smoothies instead and stocking up on strawberries, raspberries, kiwis, watermelon and pineapple and I like those. 

Litte One has been so incredibly sweet, and has really become Mummy's little helper. I took him to the local co-op and he helped me by carrying his own little basket around. Admittedly he was only carrying a loaf of bread and a packet of poppadoms for dinner, but he loves being helpful. He has also taught himself to climb in and out of the car to get into his carseat to save me from lifting him in. I might need to think about taking the side off his cot soon as it's a real strain lifting him in and out. 

How far along? 22 weeks + 4
Total weight gain: 9 stone 1 lb still
Maternity clothes? Yes! I have finally purchased some, mostly for our holiday but it's a start. I have got a couple of maxi dresses, some maternity vest tops as they are so useful and a long sleeved Breton top. I have been looking at New Look, H & M and eBay mostly. 
Stretch marks? There's a strange mark above my belly button, but it's not a stretch mark. I am starting to use the Secret Saviours system so will see how that works.
    Sleep: I fall asleep within about 10 seconds at night and currently I am sleeping really well. I have a bit more energy in the day too which is great!
Best moment this week: Feeling lots of really strong movements now, and seeing Mr F's face when he felt him move for the first time! 
Miss anything? Not at the moment
Food cravings: Have enjoyed orange juice and wanting to eat more healthily
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, but have been feeling breathless. I'm off red meat again. 
Gender: BOY
Labour signs: No!
Symptoms: Just breahlessness
Belly button in or out?  Out.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Getting all sorted for our holiday and receiving my maternity holiday clothes in the post :)

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  1. Ah your bump is perfect- so round and cute. By 22 weeks with LL I looked like an actual whale haha! xx


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