Monday, 28 September 2015

{Weekly Bump Update} Week 26

Suddenly I am feeling really huge because I can't reach my feet to put my socks on very well! 26 weeks just sounds so much more than 25 and we are ticking ever closer to 30 weeks. As I was away, my midwife booked me in for an additional appointment this week as she knows how anxious I am and wants to make sure I'm ok. She's so lovely but unfortunately retires in 2 weeks. I'll be really sad to see her go. She has referred me to the consultant midwife at the hospital so Mr F and I can talk through out concerns and she will go through our notes from LO's birth to see what went wrong and if there's anything they can do to avoid such things happening again. 

I have been reading up a little bit on birth options as I'd like to feel a bit more informed and in control of my decisions this time. I am really against being induced as it was so awful last time but obviously I know it may well come to that. I have wondered whether it might be possible for me to have an elective C-section if I do go x number of days overdue. Obviously a Caesarian isn't without it's risks and I am also mindful of the recovery time afterwards, not being able to lift and drive as well. 

I got a very short notice letter through for the Glucose tolerance test at the hospital this week. It seems like this isn't offered to everyone as it can be dependent on hospitals and areas. I had it with LO as I assumed everyone had to have the test at 26 weeks, but it seems not. I had a horrid experience last time, waiting in a really hot waiting room for 3 hours, with 2 blood tests and being loaded with sugar making me pass out in the waiting room. So after speaking to my midwife, she said it wasn't necessary for me to have it done and could cancel it, which I did. Obviously if I start to show any signs of Gestational diabetes I will be straight on the phone to the midwife. 

How far along? 26 weeks + 1
Weight: 9st 7.6
Maternity clothes? Still just in maternity tops but now on the lookout for a nice coat for Autumn/Winter and some jeans and trousers as I'm starting to struggle with regular jeans. 
Stretch marks? I'm wearing my Secret Saviours band and using the cream diligently every night
    Sleep: Very well on the whole, but I am waking about 2:30 every morning and feeling restless. I had an awful night's sleep this week and felt like I was in a coffin and couldn't breathe. It almost felt like a panic attack and was quite horrible. 
Best moment this week: Taking LO to the midwife with me where he heard his brother's heartbeat. Although i did;t really take it in as the strange noise made LO cry
Miss anything? Being able to bend over properly. I can hardly get my socks on!
Food cravings: Sweet things this week
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing
Gender: BOY
Labour signs: No!
Symptoms: Nothing
Belly button in or out?  Out.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy- and also very energised to get the house sorted
Looking forward to: Starting to find ideas for the nursery which is now going to be in the attic bedroom and LO will stay in his current room.

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  1. 26 weeks already!!! so fast! hope you're well xx


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