Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What's In My Toddler's Suitcase

Finally we have reached September and our long awaited family holiday to Porto Santo. We have been wishing away the days recently as we cannot wait to get a bit of sunshine, lots of ice cream and enjoy lots of fun together. It'll be our last holiday as a three before baby # 2 arrives in January too, and it's also our first experience of an all inclusive holiday. I'm a bit of an organisation freak and love nothing more than to make a good old list. I am totally in my element when I pack for holidays and have come to learn that babies and toddlers packing takes a lot of thought and preparation so I thought I'd share what we are taking in LO's suitcase.

1. Of course, lots of nappies. Normally we use Pampers Active fits in the day but these were on offer in the Asda baby event. As we will be swimming a lot, LO will have more nappy changes than usual, so we are taking about 30.

2. Huggies Little Swimmers swim nappies to go underneath LO's swim shorts.

3. iPad- we have downloaded lots of episodes of Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat and Bob the Builder to keep him occupied on the 4 hour flight.

4. Pampers baby wipes- we are taking two packs as you can never have too many baby wipes! I love having them to hand to wipe sunscreen off my hands too. 

5. Colouring book and felt tips.

6. Tesco Loves Baby anti-bacterial wipes- useful for wiping highchairs and things.

7. Calpol sachets, Savlon antiseptic cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb. 

8. Nivea Kids sunscreen in Factor 50 and 30.

9. A selection of board books- In the Night Garden for bedtimes, Peppa Pig books and Postman Bear.

10. Fruit pouches for snacks.

11. Miniature baby shampoo and Boots Sensitive Baby Bath Wash.

12. A selection of small vehicles and toys.

13. LO's own cutlery. I'm never sure if places have children's cutlery so I figure I may as well take our own. 

1. Two sunhats- Little Bird straw sunhat and Mothercare stripey sunhat.

2. A hooded poncho towel for keeping warm by the pool.

3. Gap hoody for cooler evenings and on the plane.

4. A huge selection of t-shirts. LO will get through at least 2 a day!

5. Bibs

6. Pyjamas and vests. Not sure how warm it will be but he'll probably sleep in a vest and nappy. 

7. Bermuda swim shorts. These lovely colourful ones are from Home Bargains and Primark. 

8. A snuggly fleece blanket for on board the plane. We fly back at night time so I'm hoping he may nap if he's cosy. 

9. Lots of different shorts. 

10. Boots reins- I LOVE these reins, they are so useful, particularly if we are in crowded areas or where the ground is uneven and he my trip over. 

11. A pair of fluffy socks for the plane.

12. His favourite crocs. He wears these instead of flip flops or sandals.

13. A Thomas and Friends UV suit. I got this one from Morrisons in the sale.

14. Of course, we couldn't possibly go anywhere without his beloved companion Moo Moo. 

So that's what we are taking in LO's suitcase. It feels like quite a lot, but it fits into a cabin bag, with the nappies going in my big suitcase. We are also taking a smaller bag as hand luggage for him, which will include his drink bottle, more fruit pouches and snacks, the iPad, a book, a spare change of clothes, nappies, wipes and tissues. 


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