Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dressing Up Fun with TellTails

As a family, we love finding new and exciting toys for LO to play with. Rather than him having hundreds of toys, I prefer to find him open ended toys and activities which he can choose to use as he wants and more often than not, these types of toys hold his attention for much longer than a toy which does everything for him or only has one use.   Something I am keen to do is build a collection of dressing up clothes and accessories for him. When I was little I loved nothing more than to play dressing up and creating an imaginary world for myself and my sisters. Imaginative play is a key part of a child's development, be it through dressing up, creating a whole imaginary world or telling stories, so I was really pleased when TellTails got in touch to ask if we'd like to pick one of the tails in the range for LO to try. 

So what is a TellTail? Basically it's a handmade wearable animal tail for humans and comes in a variety of styles and animals, from Lazy Lion, Cheeky Cheshire Cat, Dazzling Dino and Ballerin-a-saurus, to Fantastic Fox and Secret Squirrel. Obviously LO didn't choose his own, so Mr F and I had a look at the website and were amazed at the choice on offer! We opted for the purple dragon tail from the kids range. (adult tails are also available, although Mr F and I were seriously tempted to join in the fun and order one too!). TellTails can be worn with any outfit. It comes with a stretchy 'one size fits all' elastic waistband. TellTails are stuffed so you can bend them, curl them, squash them, and easily fit them into a suitcase or backpack.

Ok so getting LO to wear the tail was a bit tricky at first. We got it on him, he took one look in the mirror and burst into tears at the sight of him thinking he'd suddenly grown a dragon tail! Understandable as he's only 2 and still quite young to understand the concept of dressing up. But once we tried again a few days later he was more than happy to try it on and chased us around the house pretending to be a scary dragon saying "roar!". He was so delighted with it he was determined he wanted to keep it on all day in fact!

I know already he will get hours of fun from dressing up using the tail and doing lots of imaginative play. Priced between £17.00 and £28.00 for the kids tails, they are an investment, but I think they'd make a fantastic, unique Christmas or birthday present, and hours of fun could be had from wearing one. 

A TellTail would make a great addition to any child's dressing up box and it's a fantastic resource for dressing up for a party, Halloween or dress up days at school like on World Book day. 

TellTails are available to purchase online at, and in-store at Selfridges and London Zoo, from £20-£40 depending on the species.

NB: We were kindly sent a TellTail in exchange for an honest review. All photos and opinions expressed are my own. 

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