Friday, 30 October 2015

Pumpkin Picking at Farmer Copleys

Autumn is definitely one of my favourite times of the year and this year, we have really got into the Autumn mood with LO, from autumn baking and autumn crafts to decorating the house for Halloween and pumpkin carving. One thing I really wanted to do with him though was take him pumpkin picking. I think it's quite a North American tradition and something which hasn't fully taken off in the UK yet, but I can see it becoming more and more popular as it really is so much fun. There really don't seem to be many places where you can pick pumpkins, but we are really lucky that we live in West Yorkshire and aren't too far from a fantastic farm called Farmer Copleys in Pontefract. During October, they hold a pumpkin festival where it's open to the public and you can walk around huge fields searching out your perfect pumpkin. 

So a couple of weekends ago, we went along with LO's auntie and uncle, all wrapped up in our snuggly autumn hats and gloves and had the most fantastic afternoon together. The fields looked amazing with a sea of huge bright orange pumpkins in every direction. There were also games to play like shoot the corn and tractor rides too. 

 I love the combination of bright green and orange together. The fields looked absolutely amazing with thousands of pumpkins everywhere. LO was suitably colour coordinated with his new orange books and green hat. 
 We went along with LO's auntie and uncle. I love starting little seasonal traditions and pumpkin picking with the family is something I'd love to do with our boys (notice plural as of next year!) each year. 

 There literally were so many to choose from. I lost count of how many times we thought we'd fount the perfect pumpkin only to discover an even better one hidden amongst the grass. I love little days out in our local area with these two. We are pretty lucky in Yorkshire that there are so many nice places to visit, right on our doorstep. I'd highly recommend a trip to Farmer Copleys even if you don't live in Yorkshire. Sometimes it's simple days out like this that are often the best.  

 I love his new green hat which his auntie chose for him this autumn. He looked like a little pumpkin. You can get a wheelbarrow to push around and put your collection of pumpkins in if you want. 

 There were tractor rides and also an autumn sleigh ride where you sit in these little sleighs pulled along by a small tractor for £2.00. It takes you right around the edge of one of the fields and LO was just so excited. 

 He loves going on days out with these two. I think he finds them a bit more exciting than mummy and daddy!

 This little monkey had lots of fun trying to demolish this lovely straw throne- chucking straw at everyone. We were absolutely covered in straw and so was the car. 



  1. Aw thank you Alex, I do love the colours in these photos. It was such a lovely day out xx


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