Sunday, 4 October 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #40 'A Week with Mummy'

The past week has been something which has been on my radar for a few months now. It was a week I was a little bit nervous of, but now, I don't know what I was ever worried about. Mr F was to be away for a whole week working down in Bedford and I knew I'd be here with LO for the week by ourselves. He goes away quite often with work so it's something we are used to, but it's never been for a whole week before. 

Although I was worried, I really have loved having this time with just LO and me. He really is such good company and affectionate and loves nothing more than to shower you with cuddles. I love our little daily routines, and this week we have packed lots of fun things in. Eating fish and chips in the park with out lovely friends, walks to collect autumn leaves for autumn painting, the obligatory trip to soft play and cosy cuddles on the sofa watching Fireman Sam and Noddy. 

I really needn't have worried about this week. I do find the whole evening and bedtime routine the most tiring, but luckily my youngest sister who doesn't live too far away was more than happy to come and help me out and keep us company. She was able to help watch him while I cooked and then she did all the things I'm now finding a bit more tricky with a big bump, like the lifting in and out of the bath, in and out of his cot (it's high time we took the rails off the cot now I think) and just generally keeping him entertained when my energy levels hit rock bottom. Plus he absolutely thrives on all the extra attention and really loves spending time with her.

He also got to have a little sleepover at his Grandparents house mid-week which allowed me to get a bit of work done and sorted for our weekend away. He loves going there too and sees it as a real little adventure. So all in all the week which I was a bit apprehensive about has turned out to be such a lovely week for us both. It's flown by and the thing we have been most looking forward to is getting the train together down to London to meet with Daddy. We rarely go on weekends away so it's something we have all been looking forward to. 

I am becoming ever more aware of the fact that soon I'll have two little boys, and at the moment I just want to make the most of these last 3 months with just LO. He has been a bit unwell this week too, which has meant lots of extra cuddles, waking up at night time and of course, cake to get better. But I have also relished the moments when I've gone in to his room in the night when he's been coughing and feeling so hot, and I've just cradled him back to sleep like a little baby. It's these moments when you really feel like a mama. But it's also all the ordinary things we do together every week as a pair that I love so much. I so so love being his mummy, we are two peas in a pod and more alike in more ways than one. 

It's been such a lovely week we have had together, but we can't wait for a big cuddle with Daddy later and a lovely weekend together in London. 

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  1. I remember trying desperately to make the most of the time that LP and I before Little Man arrived and Hubby works shifts so we had quite a few solo bedtimes where we'd snuggle in bed or stay up a tiny bit later. It was lovely but it went far too fast. Glad the week went better than you expected! x

    1. Aw that sounds lovely Donna! These times can be a bit daunting but in reality they're always fine x

  2. Aw only three months left, it goes so quickly! It sounds like you had a lovely week with LO, although I am sorry he has been under the weather. Sometimes having to do everything for my children when Mr E goes away, however tiring, makes me appreciate them even more if that makes sense.Almost like I am more present than ever and I really watch them and see them more. I bet you are glad to have Daddy back now though! x

    1. I know! I can't believe how fast time is going. In some ways in can be much harder if they're under the weather but it means they're quite happy to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a film with you without being hyper! You're right about appreciating them more though xx


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