Monday, 12 October 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #41 'A New Milestone'

When you have a baby, it feels like for the first year or so there are so many changes and milestones, almost something every week. But as they get older, these exciting milestones become fewer and far between. Of course, there's walking but for about a year after that, the main milestone seems to be watching them develop their little speaking voice, learning new words here and there and then developing little sentences. 

But last weekend, we had another little milestone in our house- one which I wasn't sure about and which Mr F and I were a little nervous of initially. We decided it was high time to take the railing off his cotbed and get him used to sleeping in a bed with just a small Lindam rail. The main reason for this was because I was really starting to struggle to lift him in and out of bed with my big baby bump, but also by the New Year we are hoping to have him in a big boy bed with a Lindam rail so that new baby can have the cot in their room. 

It seems so silly, it's not a huge or particularly exciting milestone but I really felt quite emotional when we took the rail off. I held his hand as we took him into his room and the excitement on his face was just a picture. He climbed into his cot bed himself and started jumping about in excitement. He put all his soft toys in the bed and picked up a few books which he sat and read to himself too. I think I felt emotional because it was yet another reminder of how quickly he is growing up and how he really is a little boy now. And while he will always be my baby boy, really he is quite grown up. I can't wait to do his new big boy room for him with a new proper bed and more grown up decor than his current nursery decor. 

He has been in his slightly more grown up bed for a whole week now. On the first night I fully expected to wake up to find he's got out of the bed and walked into our room himself in the early hours, but he has stayed in and slept amazingly all week. As with any milestone though, the initial excitement fades and within a few days, it becomes part and parcel of their ordinary routine. Let's hope he adapts this well to becoming a big brother in the New Year...

Not the best photos as it was dark and bedtime, but a few iPhone snaps of him checking out his cotbed minus the rail.

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  1. Aw well done to LO lovely he sounds like he has done amazingly in his big boy bed. I felt really emotional about both of mine going in a bed, it is a big deal. Luckily both of mine were amazing as well, I am so pleased as the sleep routine is the one thing I am really strict about! x

  2. Thank you Katie. Yes I was amazed how how he didn't fuss and hasn't even tried to escape once. Like you, I am pretty strict about bedtime as he's always been a great little sleeper. Hence why we have also decided to keep him in his own room once baby arrives and make the top attic room the nursery. I don't want to risk unsettling him! But he will be getting an exciting bedroom makeover and a new big boy bed too xx


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