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Hello Sweet Dreams with PregnancyPillows: Review

Something I'm sure everyone who is or has been pregnant will agree on is how difficult it can be to get comfortable when sleeping in bed with a huge bump attached to your front. In fact, 96% of women struggle to sleep through the night when pregnant. With LO, I remember having really uncomfortable nights where I tossed and turned for hours trying to get in a comfy position. I would get so worked up and end up getting out of bed anyway, go for a night time toilet break and get some gaviscon and then get back into bed to try and get comfy again. 

I have read countless times that you're also not supposed to sleep on your back from the 2nd trimester onwards. At the start of my 2nd trimester, I remember days when I would wake up feeling dizzy and very breathless, probably due to rolling onto my back in my sleep. When you lie belly-up, the increasing weight of the uterus can compress a major blood vessel called the vena cava, disrupting blood flow around the body and also to the baby which leaves you feeling breathless and nauseated. This pregnancy, I have felt even more uncomfortable and struggled with feeling comfortable lying on my side.

I was therefore really excited when award wining company Pregnancy Pillows got in touch to ask if I fancied trying out one of their pregnancy pillows. They are a company based in Manchester and are specialists in pregnancy, maternity and nursing pillows. I'd never used one with LO, so I was really keen to give one a go to see if it helped with positioning and comfort when sleeping. After all, getting lots of quality sleep is not only important in the run up to the birth, but also once baby is born too. 

Did you know, quality sleep in pregnancy is linked to...
*Better immune function
*Decreased inflammation
*Easier labour/delivery
*Decreased necessity for a C-section
*Improved nutrient flow to the baby
*Decreased postpartum depression

There are a number of options available on the website for you to choose from, including a U shaped pillow (see above) a nursing pillow, an L shaped pillow, a V shaped one and the DreamGenii. All these styles are fully customisable too so there are various options for type of fabric (polycotton and baby soft which is like a super soft velvety velour), a choice of filling (white polycotton, a lavender coated filling, an anti-allergenic filling of fairy beads). There is also a good choice of colours too. I opted for the premium U-shaped pillow in black with a fairy bead filling. Priced at £40, I feel this is great value for money and well worth the investment, particularly as it can be used as a nursing pillow after the birth. 

I was surprised at how long the pillow was when it arrived, but even in our relatively small double bed, there was just about enough room for me, the pillow and Mr F! It is amazingly comfortable and I found there wasn't really any need for a pillow which helped save a tiny bit of space. It is very cosy once you're lying in the pillow and I did find that I got quite hot lying between the pillow with the duvet over the top of me. 

As suggested in the photo on the website, I tend to lie on my left side hugging the pillow with my right leg over the top. I find this incredibly comfortable and I like to pull the other side close to my back which stops me rolling onto my back in the night. I chose black as it's less likely to show any marks and the velour fabric is really lovely and luxuriously soft. Other colours available are sky blue, pink, cream, purple, coffee and chocolate. The cover can come off and is machine washable. 

As I said before, I opted for the Fairy bead anti-allergenic filling which is a bit like a beanbag filling. It moulds to the shape of me as I lie against the pillow and provides excellent support in all the right places. I would say though that the bead filling makes the pillow a bit more stiff and it takes up more room in the bed than the other fillings. 

As you can see, the pillow is almost the entire length of my double bed but if space is a limiting factor for you, then there is the option of the L-Shaped pillow which just has one side and a bit for you to rest your head on. 

Not only do I use this pillow to help with a great night's sleep, I also use it on the sofa for added support when I'm watching TV. My midwife told me to try not to slump onto the sofa in the evening during the last 10 or so weeks as it's bad for getting baby into the correct position for birth. I have found this pillow great for helping me keep a bit more upright whilst offering lower back support. I feel comfy and cosy in the evenings in front of the TV sitting with it curled around me. 

I am also planning on using the pillow beyond the birth as well as it can double up as a nursing pillow - whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, the pillow can help support baby correctly while they feed without compromising your own posture and position. 

I am really pleased with my pregnancy pillow. It's so comfy and soft and I know that it's supporting me in all the right places. Plus I feel more relaxed knowing I'm going to get a good night's sleep. I'd highly recommend investing in one to all my pregnant friends as it really does help you to get a good night's sleep. Right, I'm off for a lovely nap with my pregnancy pillow now. Bliss!

You can purchase PregnancyPillows from their website

PregnancyPillows are very kindly offering my readers a 10% discount off their purchase when you use the discount code OhLittleOne10

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  1. Pregnancy Pillows were a must have for me last time - the only way I managed some sleep! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. They do really help don't they? It really helps me with my back and hips in particular x

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