Sunday, 15 November 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #45 'Feeling under the weather and making the most of a wet and windy week'

The past week has been a funny old one here. Normally our weeks pass by in a flash. We follow quite a similar routine each week and it just suits us down to the ground. But this week has felt so long for one reason or another. The combination of this awful windy wet weather and therefore being a bit house bound, along with me having the lowest energy levels I've had this entire pregnancy and a throat infection, have left us all feeling a bit lazy. 

As much as we love our little house, LO and I don't really like spending all day here and we go a bit mad if we do. I find I feel worse, more exhausted and lazy if we stay inside with the heating on all day, so come rain or shine, we will always try to get out and about, even if I'm desperately craving a nap. It can sometimes just take a bit more imagination for things to do when it's so wet outside. So wrapped in in wooly hats, rain coats and wellies, we headed out for our two regular play dates to soft play which we always love, and where we always grab a bite to eat for lunch and these outings can always guarantee that we feel better afterwards.  On really wet days this week, we have even resorted to going to our local Asda superstore to have a bit of an outing. As silly as it sounds, we have had so much fun there with LO sitting in the trolley, taking things off the shelves and then scanning them through the self service checkouts. I love giving him little responsibilities and making him feel grown up. 

Having all this time in the house has also made me get into baby mode, which I hadn't really been in before now. Sorting LO's old clothes has been something he has also loved helping me with. We talked about how he used to wear them and how small the baby grows, vests and leggings all look now. He has helped with washing them (our radiators have been strewn with teeny tiny clothes all week), sorting them into sizes and folding them away. He thrives off being given little jobs to do, and I think it's all helping with preparing him for the arrival of his baby brother in the New Year. 

Alongside the little jobs, we have been loving cosy afternoons in the house playing a game called New Baby Lotto which is helping him get used to the idea of having a new baby around the house. I've lost count of how many times we have played it, but it's such a lovely little game and we love playing it together. 

So as tempting as it is to hibernate under your duvet when you're feeling huge, exhausted and run down with a throat infection, when you have a toddler you have to make the most of the days and it is possible to make even the most ordinary of moments seem like an adventure. Even on days where I could just sleep for hours under the duvet, I think of LO and immediately get an energy boost and want to get out and do something fun with him, even if it's just a trip to buy some bread and cereal at Asda, because it's so often the ordinary moments which are the best. 

I really haven't felt inspired to take many photos this week, but I did get a really lovely video of my little helper in Asda. 

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  1. Ah this is lovely Amelia and I have been feeling very much the same this week. I am normally like you and can't stay in all day, I get cabin fever and it drives me mad, but I am appreciating snuggling up and staying in a lot more at the moment. I like getting my house all cosy and nice for winter. I might have to look at the baby game for LL, it looks really sweet. I hope you feel a bit better this week. x

  2. I know exactly what you mean about feeling better after an outing, even just one to the supermarket. I hope your throat infection clears up and you are feeling better soon, pregnancy is exhausting anyway without battling an infection too. I am not sure if its my browser but I cant see your video? xx


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