Monday, 2 November 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #43 'My 30th Birthday Weekend'

This weekend was one of those weekends which was just lovely in every way. Not only was it Halloween which I have always loved, but it was also my 30th birthday. I did feel a bit strange leaving my 20s and entering my 30s, but I'm not overly bothered by age- I think it's all a state of mind, so I was excited to be celebrating this milestone with my family. 

But not only was it my birthday, I happen to share it with a very special lady- my lovely mummy. I haven'y met many people who share a birthday with their mum, but it's one of those funny things that since I was born thirty years ago she has shared her special day with me and it feels pretty special. We have never spent a birthday apart either, so this year it's extra special that she has moved back from France for the winter, so we were still able to spend the day together. 

It really has been a really lovely, relaxed weekend. I feel so huge now I don't really feel like going out for the whole day, instead preferring to do more bits at home. LO and I had lots of fun doing a bit of Halloween birthday cupcake baking and they tasted delicious, although I didn't enjoy cleaning up afterwards- there was icing sugar and cocoa powder everywhere!

I love having my birthday the day after Halloween. It always feels quite festive and the house is always decorated nicely. 

Lots of lovely birthday cards from my nearest and dearest. It was quite surreal seeing '30' on them though, but I'm sure I'll get used to being in my 30s.

In the afternoon on my birthday we went to a town near us called Ilkley. It's a really lovely place with lots of little shops, amazing charity shops and a pretty river and park. I've never known the weather to be so lovely on November 1st- there was a gorgeous afternoon light as we went down to the river to skim stones. It's the simple little things like I love best. 

Ordinary days with this little pumpkin are just the best, but having him around for my last 3 birthdays have just made them even more special. He's at such a wonderful age too, and everything is so exciting for him. He is so content with the most simple pleasures in life like throwing stones into a river. 

It's funny sharing a birthday but I suppose I don't really know any different. I was my mum's 36th birthday present!

After a little mooch around the shops and a walk along the river, we went to the famous Betty's tearooms in Ilkley. It's very traditional, utterly decadent and very pricey, but a real treat. We then headed home for a delicious takeaway curry and presents. It made for a really lovely birthday in every way, and the best bit was being able to share the day with my mum. Mr F's gift is a surprise weekend away next weekend. I have no idea where we are going, but I can't wait! He even promised a shopping trip to buy me some new boots and some new bits for baby boy, which I'm hugely excited about and a real treat before baby arrives in the next 8-9 weeks. 

I've felt quite nostalgic this past weekend, waving goodbye to my 20s and looking on to my 30s. I look back and it feels like I was in my 20s for a really long time. I think maybe because I have done so much- I started university 2 weeks before I turned 20, graduated 3 years later, learnt to drive, got my first proper grown up job, then trained as a teacher. I moved in with Mr F, got married and then bought our first house together, had Little One and am now expecting my 2nd son. 

As I sit and write this, my huge belly blocking most of the computer screen, I think about what the next 10 years might be like. There is so much to look forward to- I can't wait to watch our two boys grow up together and chase each other around. I can't wait to go on lots of family holidays and see the boys start at school. I'm sure there will be other huge life changes ahead of us as a family over the next ten years- a house move to somewhere new, new jobs, hopefully watching the rest of our family grow too. As I said earlier, age really is a state of mind- and LO definitely keeps me feeling young. I spend most of my ordinary moments with him acting like a toddler myself, playing trains, teddies or drinking imaginary cups of tea. There's no way I could ever feel old while I've got two little boys to chase after. 

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  1. I love these photos, and you seriously don't look 30 Amelia! I feel older than 40 and i'm on 26 haha xx


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