Sunday, 8 November 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #44 'Thinking about the future...'

Over the past week, I have found myself doing a lot of thinking. I am definitely one of life's big procrastinators, and can spend hours daydreaming about different things. I have been thinking about the near future and about what's in store over these last 8 weeks of this pregnancy, wondering about when he'll arrive and worrying about what we still need to get sorted and how the birth itself will go. I have also been thinking forward to when he arrives- What will we call him? How will LO react to having a new baby brother around? What will life be like when we become a family of four? These are all things which I'm sure most people think about on a daily basis in the run up to a new arrival in the family. 

This weekend, Mr F organised a surprise short weekend away for me for my 30th birthday which was last weekend. He wouldn't tell me anything about it, but I was right with my prediction about where we were going- to the beautiful cathedral city of Lincoln. Not only did we go to celebrate my birthday, we also went because we are mindful of the fact that baby boy will be arriving soon and we may not get the chance to spend a bit of child-free quality time together for a while (it's one thing asking family to babysit LO but to ask them to babysit him and a newborn is on another level!) And while we both love nothing more than going away with LO and spending time with him, sometimes you just need 24 hours where you don't need to worry about the bedtime routine, about travel cots, highchairs in restaurants, going back to the hotel for a nap or sitting in the hotel bathroom eating pringles and drinking coke while you wait for him to fall asleep at 7:30pm. It was just what we needed- time together to be able to relax, chat, laugh for hours and just enjoy each other's company.

On the Friday night we went for a lovely Tapas meal at one of the best restaurants in Lincoln called The Bowl Full. It was totally off the beaten track in a residential area, a little family run restaurant with just a few tables in. We shared some delicious tapas and a few drinks (coke for me of course), and chatted away for hours. Inevitably, we chatted mostly about LO, about how much he makes us laugh and how proud we are to get to be his parents. We talked about how he looks so much like both of us and we wondered about what his baby brother might look like. Will he be born with the same luscious jet black hair LO was born with? Will he have the same signature cow lick swirl hairline? We discussed boys' names- ones we really didn't like and a few we might consider. Luckily we very much sing off the same hymn sheet when it comes to names! 

On Saturday, we enjoyed a lovely relaxed stroll around the city. Mr F was more than happy for us to go shopping as it was my birthday treat, and so we made a few little Christmas present purchases and bought a couple of bits for new baby too. Going back to thinking about the future though, aside from going for my birthday, we went to Lincoln as it is somewhere we may see ourselves living as a little family of four in the future. It so much closer to the places Mr F has to travel to for his work, you get more property for your money and the schools are said to be very good there too. And while we love our current home we know it's not our forever home. We have done quite a few bits of work to it to make it home, but inevitably, with two little boys we are going to need more space. 

It isn't something we'd do immediately, but it was great to be able to experience the city and get the chance to have a serious chat about it this weekend. There's so much to weigh up and moving somewhere new is never a decision to be taken lightly. But for now, we are happy in our little home in the Yorkshire countryside, with LO and our two cats. And for now, while it's nice to dream about the future, we have huge changes coming our way in just a matter of weeks, and we are more than content to dream about life as a four in the new year, and to spending more happy ordinary moments here at home in Yorkshire. 

 What a pair... cringey parents taking lift selfies. In all seriousness though, Mr F was so utterly thoughtful with every little detail he planned out this weekend. 

Lincoln is a truly gorgeous, historic city. We loved having a potter about the city, looking at the cathedral and the lovely independent shops. 

Lincoln is great for shopping- there was such a wide variety of the usual high street shops, great little charity shops and lots of gorgeous independent places too like this shop selling the most amazing collections of Russian dolls. 

The famous 'Steep Hill' which is a really historic little cobbled street which is of course very steep. It's lined with the most beautiful shops and tea rooms. I'd be more than happy to make Lincoln our home city one day in the future...

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  1. I've never been to Lincoln and it sounds like you had a lovely weekend. It's always good to think about the future - and yours will definitely be moving forward quite soon! x

    1. Ah you should go if you're ever in the east of England or travelling up the A1. There are so many lovely streets and buildings and quaint shops x

  2. I have never been but it looks wonderful in this post. So exciting to be planning for the future x

    1. Thank you Aby- it really is lovely, and the river side and cathedral are particularly gorgeous. We are quite excited about a future life there x

  3. I've never been to Lincoln before but cobbled streets and lovely shops are a hit for me! Ah I think LO will be just fine, I had the same feelings with each of my littles especially YM as she was the first to become a sibling but she just amazed me with her love and affection. (cue lots of emotional but proud sobbing!) My littles were born with black hair too, YM the most though, and my P has a double cow lick swirl! adorable but he may hate it in years to come! xxx

    1. You'd love it! I'm a huge fan of cobbled streets lined with independent quaint shops. Plus if we move to Lincoln, I'll be a touch closer to Oxford and can come and visit you ;) Aw I never realised P had a double cow lick swirl! I think they're super cute! xx


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