Sunday, 13 December 2015

{12 Days of Parenting} Day 1: 'Our Festive Bucket List'

This year, I am taking part in a big festive blog hop, hosted by Mummies Waiting, called #12DaysofChristmas. There are around 60 fantastic bloggers involved, all writing different festive posts between today and Christmas Eve. You may have visited my blog before, or you may have arrived here via Zoe's blog Lycra Widow, in either case, welcome to my blog! Throughout the #12DaysofParenting, there will be lots of prizes to give away, all you have to do is enter the RaffleCopter at the end of the post. The code word can be found at the end of my post...

I think December is by far my favourite month. I love the build up to Christmas- the lights, the carols and Christmas songs and a general feeling of merriment and happiness.  Often, there can be moments which are as exciting as the big day itself, but it can also be a time when keeping the children occupied can also be tricky. In December, I find myself avoiding taking LO to softplay as it can be so busy, and it's often too cold and wet to go to our other regular weekly places like the park. I also find that in and amongst the mad rush of Christmas, the month can easily just pass us by. Every weekend could easily be spent going Christmas shopping and we were determined to not let that happen. This Christmas is also a bit of a special one as it's our last Christmas as a three- we could well have a new addition even before the big day so we want to make it a super special one for LO.

We decided this year to make a bucket list of festive activities we will do together over the course of the month. Some things have needed planning in the diary, but others can be done on the spur of the moment with minimal planning. So here is our festive bucket list. Some of these things we have done already but most we have yet to do. I think having this list will definitely encourage us to actually enjoy dong lots of festive activities together.

My code word for the Rafflecopter is 'Rudolph'. I am now sending you over to Spice Life Laugh who is also taking part in the #12DaysofParenting link up. 

For further details about #12DaysofParenting and full terms and conditions, please visit here.

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  1. I'm stealing your list! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Aw I'm glad you like our ideas! You're very welcome, I hope you enjoy doing lots of lovely festive activities! x

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