Wednesday, 16 December 2015

{12 Days of Parenting} Day 4: Our Christmas Traditions

Thank you for hopping over from Joanna Victoria and welcome to my post for the 4th day of #12DaysofParenting. We have many prizes to give away between now and Christmas eve. Full details and T&Cs can be found on the #12DaysofParenting website. 

This year will be LO's 3rd Christmas, which I really cannot believe, although I think that at nearly 2 and a half, this year is the first year he's really started to take interest in festive things- he talks constantly about Father Christmas, is loving reading all sorts of Christmas books and has been really focused when doing Christmas activities like making Christmas cards and salt dough ornaments. 

For his first Christmas back in 2013, he was only 5 months old and I remember him sitting in his bouncer chair while we ate Christmas dinner, and obviously he was too little to open his own Christmas presents. Last year in 2014, he was a little bit more interested and was properly eating solids so was able to eat Christmas dinner at least. He was also q lot more interested in opening Christmas presents himself. And while he was only 1, we were keen to start a couple of traditions which we hope to continue each year if possible. Last year we had a little festive day where we went out as a family, chose the Christmas tree and let LO pick out his own little decoration for the tree- a sweet little glass candy cane for 28p. Part of our tree decorating tradition is to get out all the special decorations from previous years, like his Baby's First Christmas bauble, his Christening bauble and a little wooden nativity which we bought for him at Leeds Christmas market. We sit down on the carpet and show them to LO who hangs them on the tree. 

This year, we have been so busy with things we haven't had a whole festive day, but a series of little festive activities over the past two weeks. We started by going to pick out a tree and seeing real life reindeer and decorating the tree while listening to lots of cheesy Christmas tunes. Then this past weekend we had a lovely festive trip to a gorgeous garden centre in Huntingdon where we picked out a couple of new decorations, had festive hot chocolates and looked at lots of gorgeous Christmas scenes. 

We are continuing with our third little festive day tomorrow, when Mr F has the day off and we are going to go to visit Father Christmas at the garden centre and let LO pick out his 2015 tree decoration himself. Our final festive tradition we want to start this year is a Christmas Eve box or festive box. In it will be a Christmas book (which he's already found and read, but never mind!) some chocolate treats, festive pyjamas, The Night Before Christas story, a Christmas toy, a Christmas DVD, some Christmas socks and maybe a few other bits and pieces. I'll probably do a separate post on this. 

Alongside the baking and other Christmas crafts, and the advent calendar stocking garland which we fill with treats and wishes for things to do over Christmas, we have always taken LO to a carol concert or Christmas service at our nearby cathedral where he was Christened, and this is definitely a tradition we want to continue with each year. 

 In 2015, age 29 months... 
 And in 2014, age 17 months. I just noticed he's even holding the exact same bauble! 

The all important role of being in charge of putting the star on top of the tree. 

And in 2014... 

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