Thursday, 31 December 2015

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 2015: December

I cannot believe it is the final day of 2015! This year more than any other seems to have flown by so quickly. The month of December itself passed me by in a flash, and when I look back through photos and videos I took, I find it hard to believe how much we crammed in to the month. We have spent a lot of time chilling at home, seeing family or going on little visits to the garden centre or the shops as I am so huge now and haven't felt much like venturing too far. We have left taking our Me and Mine photo till the very last minute as we had hoped we might have a new little bundle of joy by now, but he clearly wants to be a 2016 baby! 

And so our family photos for this month really do sum up what the month has been about for us. Just a quiet festive time, enjoying lots of ordinary moments at home with LO in this, his final month as an only child. And by the end of next month, I can guarantee our Me and Mine photo will feature a new member of our little gang, and we are so so excited about that. This month, it's been far too rainy to get some nice photos outside so these are taken in our sitting room by our pretty Christmas tree. The lighting is pretty terrible and we look a bit perm tanned, but I love them anyway!

The Me and Mine linky is one of my absolute favourites to join in with and I know we have captured some lovely memories of us as a family which we would neer have got around to capturing had it not been for Me and Mine. Here is a little look back over our family portraits over the last year...













  1. I love this month's photos - your last as a family of three! It's amazing how much he has grown through the year. happy New Year to your gorgeous family and I hope when your new addition arrives that it all goes smoothly. Looking forward to seeing your family of four grow as the year goes by x

  2. It's such a wonderfully weird thing having your last photo as a family before a new addition is due. I felt the same with mine and in particular when Phoenix was born as he was due in January too so having a last Christmas as a certain number is crazy! Lovely photos and I'm looking forward to seeing your January portrait already! 2016 is going to be a big year for us both :-) X X x

  3. Aw what a beautiful set of photos of the year, they are all absolutely gorgeous in their own way. I absolutely adore my last photo of the three of us before LL arrived, we only did one month of me and mine before she arrived, but it is so nice to have it. I will be thinking about you lots and hoping that baby boy number two makes an entrance soon. Happy New Year lovely. x


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