Sunday, 13 December 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #48 'Vlogmas Week 2'

So it's Sunday evening and we have reached the end of another week of Vlogmas in our house. I have even surprised myself that I've actually remembered to film something every day for a week, even if it's just a few short little clips. We have quite an interesting week, and were doing different things every day and looking back over the clips makes you realised how much you can pack into a week. I don't think I could manage daily vlogging though- for one thing I wouldn't ever be able to capture enough in a day as I'm so forgetful and LO can get a bit possessive over my iPhone, plus I edit videos really slowly! It takes a while to edit the clips from a whole week but I just sit one evening and get on with it.

So this week, our most ordinary of moments have included going on muddy walks in the rain with Granma and her dalmatian. He and LO have suddenly become really good little friends and get along so well. We also had our usual trips to the supermarket and a lovely little festive outing to choose a Christmas tree. There was a gorgeous little Christmas grotto there and even some real reindeer. Mr F had a day off this week so we had a little shopping date while LO was at nursery which was so much fun. I feel so exhausted this week, not only because I'm 37 weeks pregnant, but also because we have been working our socks off to get the nursery finished. We have been shifting boxes and sorting things, painting and having carpet fitted. The house has been a total nightmare and really untidy, which has made me feel restless. Nesting instinct overload. 

At the end of the week we drove 3 hours from Yorkshire to Cambridgeshire. We passed by a lovely garden centre which looked so festive and ended up spending nearly 3 hours in there it was such fun! Finally after a long and very wet drive home on Saturday, we arrived home to finally decorate our Christmas tree which has been sitting for a week waiting to be covered in lights an pretty baubles. It was the perfect end to a lovely but very tiring week. I'm really pleased I have been filming little clips from our week, and although they're just taken on my iPhone, it'll be lovely to look back on. 

Our little video from this week: Vlogmas Week 2


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