Tuesday, 1 December 2015

{Weekly Bump Update} Week 35

Why does 35 weeks suddenly feel so much further along than 34 weeks? I think hitting this week has made the end just seem within arm's reach and so much more real. I have spent more time this week than in any other week really thinking about meeting our little boy, imagining how he'll look, picturing that first beautiful look from his eyes. I am imagining him to have luscious, thick black hair like LO did, but of course he may well look the total opposite. I have been imagining what we will call him, trying out saying and writing down different name combinations, and while we won't name him until we meet him, it  and still feels so unbelievably exciting. 

Now we are nearing the end of November and Christmas season is upon us, I can just see these last few weeks whizzing by. The festive season always passes by so quickly and I still feel we have so much to do and so little time to do it. Work has officially begun on the nursery and while he won't be sleeping in there until he's at least 4 or 5 months old, we want to have it ready and usable. We want him to have his own little cosy space, somewhere he can keep his own little collection of toys and books, clothes and blankets. I ordered some beautiful materials to make some curtains with (a curtain to section off part of the room rather than for the windows as they're Velux). A bedding set has been ordered and we have started to look at carpets too. Mr F has taken some days off so that we can get on with the decorating next week- and Sunday will be all about choosing the perfect paint and buying a carpet. I cannot wait! 

I'm not really sure how I've felt this week. I wouldn't say I've been exhausted by any means, but I have had moments where I've wondered what different pains were. Having a cough has meant my back muscles are aching anyway, so when I get chronic back ache, I'm not sure if it's just been amplified by having sore muscles from coughing. I have been getting the lightening 'pain' which comes and then fades away again, and have had moments where I've had to lean over on the work top or table if I've been cooking or standing for too long. It's worst when I move from sitting to standing as the shift in weight seems to create such a strong pressure. Overall though, I've felt pretty well and I'm really looking forward to savouring these last 5 or so weeks of carrying my little pumpkin in my tummy. 

How far along? 35 week + 4 days
Weight: Lost alb this week oddly- now 10 stone 5lb
Maternity clothes? Living in maternity jeans from H & M, joggers and stretchy vest tops
Stretch marks? Oh yes, unfortunately
    Sleep: Been sleeping really soundly this week, but I've been going to bed really late as well. Need some early nights now while I can!
Best moment this week: Choosing fabric for the nursery and ordering bedding! Also, getting bits for the hospital bag and putting it all together.
Miss anything? I really would love a G&T or glass of mulled wine to be honest
Food cravings: Not so much right now
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not sick, but I don't enjoy the feeling of moving from sitting to standing. The pressure is really intense!
Gender: BOY
Labour signs: No, but the pain I described above is the nearest feeling so far
Symptoms: Lightening, groin pain. 
Belly button in or out?  Out, but less so now my skin is stretching more
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody: Feeling much better this week and not too tired. 
Looking forward to: Painting the nursery this week and getting our new carpet fitted next week
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  1. Lovely photo and update, it seems like your pregnancy has flown (I bet not for you though!) Lightening pains are no fun at all, but all good signs I guess that baby is getting ready. I get braxton hicks very early on and have been this time since 19 weeks, crazy baby! x

    1. Thank you lovely- no you're right, it really has flown by. I think when you already have a child or children, you do't have time to stop and think and count the weeks and then life just passes by, which is why I'm so glad I'm taking time to document little bits here and there. I still wonder if it's braxton hicks i'm feeling, I'm never sure. 19 weeks- that's so early! xx


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