Tuesday, 8 December 2015

{Weekly Bump Update} Week 36

The end really does feel in sight now. I feel absolutely huge, but not nearly as exhausted as I have felt in previous weeks which is odd. Maybe it's just because I've got used to the feeling of being very tired! My bump has definitely dropped and I feel it most when I'm sitting- the tops of my legs feel squashed when I sit down. The biggest symptom for me at the moment though is the pressure and pain I get when I walk around. I've had moments where I've felt like I'm limping around, almost my my hips have given way to the weight. Not the most comfortable feeling but not too painful at least. 

I saw my midwife at the start of week 36 (last Monday now) and all seemed fine. She pressed and prodded my belly, weighed me, and we heard baby's heartbeat again too. Although my belly feels as hard as a rock, when lying down, she said it felt quite bouncy, like I was carrying a lot of water. She then explained she would expect my belly to be much bigger for 36 weeks if I was carrying a lot of water, which worried me a bit. She might book me in for a scan at my next appointment to check baby isn't too small- this totally surprised me as I am convinced I am carrying a baby who will be at least 8lbs. She also referred me to the physiotherapy department at the hospital to see if I need some sort of support or exercise to help with my aching muscles and bad back, which has been suffering from the weight of bump. I have yet to call them to make an appointment, I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day at the moment. 

We have been super busy over the past week with decorating the nursery- as I write this, we have just finished the painting and totally emptied it ready for the carpet to be fitted tomorrow. It's totally transformed the room and I cannot wait to get furniture in and do the fun part- finishing touches! It's going to be grey and mustard yellow and I can't wait to share the final look on my blog. 

How far along? 36 weeks + 4 days
Weight: Still same as last week, 10 stone 5lbs
Maternity clothes? I can;t seem to get comfy in any clothes at the moment, but I'm excited that George at Asda offered me the chance to pick out some nice items from their maternity range, which I'm waiting to arrive. 
Stretch marks? Oh yes, unfortunately. I am really regretting not looking after my skin better. 
    Sleep: On and off. I've had some good nights and some terrible nights. I always wake up around 4:10am for Gavison and toilet. 
Best moment this week: Definitely hearing little man's heartbeat and painting the nursery!
Miss anything? Being able to lie on my back- my hips are really aching. 
Food cravings: Weetos, I can't get enough of them. I'd have them every meal given the choice. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing much, but heartburn is back
Gender: BOY
Labour signs: I'm getting cramp like pains, particularly during the night
Symptoms: Lightening, groin pain, cramps
Belly button in or out?  Out, but less so now my skin is stretching more
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody: Happy and very excited to meet little man
Looking forward to: Our final weekend away this coming weekend- we are off to Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire with LO and are hoping to do a few festive things on the way down. I just hope I can cope with the 3 hour car journey...

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