Tuesday, 22 December 2015

What's in Little One's Festive Box 2015

I know it's almost Christmas Eve, and I had wanted to share this post much earlier in December, but I just never got around to it. I had all the contents of the box for ages but never bought an actual box for everything to go in, so it's now more of a Christmas Eve box! Next year I hope to be able to keep up this tradition and give one to LO and one to baby brother each. 

I found this rather lovely festive box for £3.99 in the Card Factory. It's just the right size and can fit lots of lovely Christmas goodies in. 

Here is what I have put in LO's festive box this year. One or two things he has already used, but I'm sure he won't mind opening them again! 

1. Usborne Christmas Baking for Children- I picked this up in TKMaxx in the January sales this year and decided to keep it for this year when he was a bit older to join in with baking. We haven't used it yet but hope to do some baking together tomorrow and on Christmas eve. We have already made gingerbread men this year using a BBC recipe, and he really enjoyed doing that, so I hope we can find a few more recipes which we can do each year. 

2. Peppa's Christmas- He found this book in my room and so I let him have it a bit early, but he has loved reading it pretty much every day throughout December. These are usually about £3 in places like Asda. 

3. Peppa Pig Christmas DVD- cheating a little bit here- I think he was given this last year by my sister, but we never opened it, so I thought I'd include it in his box this year!

4. Mr Men- The Night Before Christmas- We haven't read any Mr Men books but I thought he might enjoy these. They're around £2 in Asda. 

5. Festive Cookie Cutters- We opened these the other day to make salt dough ornaments and also gingerbread men. These were from TKMaxx.

6. Festive Pyjamas- I found these in Primark for £4 and thought they looked so cosy and cute. I love brush cotton pyjamas and LO can wear them on Christmas Eve.

7. Santa Chocolates- just a little treat for us to all share. You can find these really cheaply in pound stores. 

8. Reindeer food- My sister in law gave LO the sweet little jar last year, filled with porridge oats and glitter for Santa's reindeer, so I simply filled it again with oats and glitter for him to sprinkle in the garden on Christmas eve. 

9. Paper Chains- These are from my own card website and I thought they'd be a fun little activity to do with LO on Christmas eve. 

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  1. Ah this is lovely. Love the Peppa bits and the pyjama's. x


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