Monday, 14 December 2015

What's on Little One's Bookshelf? {Christmas Edition}

We LOVE reading in our house and LO would read books all day given the chance. I love switching up his bookshelf at different times of year like Halloween and Christmas, and find that it keeps him interested in a variety of different books. I find it also teaches him about different holidays and seasons and he picks up a lot of new words from the different books he reads. This year, at age 2, he is so much more aware of Christmas than he was last year and loves pointing our Father Christmas, reindeer, penguins, Christmas trees everywhere we go, all because he's read about them.

This year, we went to the library in early December and managed to find a fantastic selection of Christmas and winter themed books, and together with just a couple of new ones I've bought for him and some I already had in the cupboard, he's got a really great selection (although there are of course one or two books which we seem to read every single nap time and bed time without fail!).

Hide and Seek Penguins LO loves any books with little doors to open or things to find on a page. This book is the perfect addition to a winter or Christmas themed bookshelf.

One Snowy Night This, along with One Winter's Day just really sweet animal themed stories perfect for bedtime. The pictures are gorgeous and the sentences aren't too long. The stories are just so cute. 

Aliens Love Panta Claus is a lovely brightly coloured book which tells the tale of a group of aliens who take over Santa's Christmas eve present delivery with their underpants. 

The 12 Engines of Christmas This is most definitely our favourite book this season. We read/sing it at least twice a day- the words fit to the tune of The 12 days of Christmas. LO has learnt the whole song and it's great for helping to develop their memory skills and knowledge of Christmas themed words. 

Peppa's Christmas Of course we had to include a Peppa Pig book on our themed bookshelf! We love these little board books- so convenient for popping in a change bag or taking in the car. They don't take long to read either and LO loves joining in with the story.

The Christmas Bear tells the story of a polar bear who falls down a hole in the snow and ends up in Father Christmas's workshop. The story is quite long and wordy for a two year old but the pictures are lovely and detailed and LO loves spotting different things. 

Christmas Angel and Christmas Stocking are really simple little books with pretty glittery illustrations. They are really little and easy to take in a bag with you. 

The Snowman and The Snowdog We have yet to watch The Snowman with LO, and I cannot wait (although it always makes me cry) but we have been loving reading the story of The Snowman and The Snowdog- Christmas just wouldn't be the same without it!

Santa's Sleigh is on it's way to...  is a lovely book full of gorgeous illustrations and scenes from the town or city the book is about. There are lots of towns and cities available and it's nice to show children about the place where they live. 

Postman Pat's Magic Christmas LO loves Postman Pat and although this book is a bit long and wordy, he loves the pictures and I tend to just read a slightly abridged version! 

So that's what we are enjoying reading this Christmas. He's learning so much about the festive season and seems so enthused by all the magic and sparkle of Christmas time. 
What do your little ones enjoy reading at Christmas? Have you read any of these books?


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