Sunday, 31 January 2016

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 2016- January

 At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must say that this month has flown by in a way I can't even comprehend. The month of January is generally grey and miserable and goes by slowly, but this one has truly been very memorable and so special for us- a month where we started as a family of three and by the 5th day, we were a family of four. I cannot believe where the days have vanished to- it hardly feels like a few days ago that our newest member Little Luca arrived, but indeed, he will be four weeks old on Tuesday.

Normally, we like to capture a photo of us on a day out or special occasion but we have really loved spending most of the month in the comfort of our lovely little home, enjoying lots of snuggly cuddles with our beautiful new baby boy. It hasn't been the easiest of months of course- with the inevitable sleepless nights, living in utter chaos and some difficult moments in the early days where LO found it hard to understand who Luca was and why he was in our house. But now, he seems totally at ease around him and understands that he is a part of our family and here to stay. In between the moments at home, we have had a few little trips out as a four here and there, mostly walks or trips to soft play with Daddy when he was on paternity leave, plus a wonderful trip to Hollywood Bowl for LO's first go at bowling and Pizza Hut on Friday night as a little treat for being such a good big brother all week. it made for a lovely end to a really wonderful month for us.

Our photos really sum up the month perfectly for us. My sister in law took these at our house when she came to visit Little L when he was a few days old. It's just us sitting on the sofa but I love them because they're our first photos of us as a four and I'll treasure them forever. I can't wait for capture more photos of us as a four each month through 2016.

This month, I have been loving:
*Having a really straightforward, natural birth
*Meeting our beautiful baby Luca
*Recovering so quickly after giving birth
*Lots of lovely newborn cuddles
*Breastfeeding my baby boy successfully
*Cosy cuddles with LO 

Little One has been loving:
*Meeting his new baby brother
*Giving Luca kisses on the head
*Watching Finding Nemo over and over again
*Reading Whizzy Busy People
*Playing with all his new toys he got for Christmas

Little L has been loving:
*Milk, Milk and more Milk
*Sleeping during the day
*Being awake at night
*Meeting his family
*Lots and lots of cuddles

Daddy has been loving:
*Meeting his baby boy
* Paternity leave
*Spending lots of quality time with LO
*Looking at houses for a potential house move

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Oh you look SO happy, these are so lovely! That first month does fly by! You're such an adorable family <3 xx

  2. These photos are just gorgeous... Congratulations on your new arrival! You look glowing... Not like you've just had a baby!! What a wonderful way to start the new year... I'm sure January will never be dull and grey and miserable again!

  3. Oh these are beautiful!!! :) You look absolutely overwhelmed with happiness :) This will be us next month with a new little bundle, it makes me so excited to look at your photos! xx

  4. Lovely little family. We had something like this time time last year. :) You would know yourself. The year is flying. My little lady turned one today and I still can't believe it. You seem to take it in more with your first.

  5. It sounds like everything is going so well for you lovely! These are beautiful photos. x


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