Saturday, 2 January 2016

{Weekly Bump Update} Week 40

Well, I am still here and very pregnant now. I did predict last week in my Week 39 update that I would still be here writing a week 40 update and I wasn't wrong. I went two weeks overdue with LO and ended up being induced anyway, so I haven't actually experienced going into labour naturally. Since I had the stretch and sweep last Tuesday at 39 weeks + 4 days, I've spent all week waiting and wondering what natural contractions and labour may feel like. I've taken note of every single little niggle, ache, mild pain and tightening wondering if it could be the start of labour, but none of these feelings have amounted to anything. I did have quite bad cramp in the evening after the S & S but the pains quickly went away. 

We enjoyed a lovely quiet New Year and have just enjoyed spending lots of time at home, watching films, catching up on TV shows and getting the house de-Christmassed and ready for our new arrival. We are definitely not wishing the time away and we are making the most of the quiet while we can. I think everything is ready now and we are just so ready to meet our new little boy. 

I have felt so utterly exhausted during the day times over the past week but I've had awful pregnancy insomnia during the night. One night I was awake until 5:30am. Mr F and I have temporarily switched over sides of the bed and I have since slept much better. If baby doesn't arrive by Monday, Mr F is back to work until he arrives and then paternity leave will commence. I am booked in for a second S & S with the midwife on Monday (she predicted she'd be seeing me again!) so fingers crossed it might be more effective second time around. Last week, the stretch and sweep wasn't all that bad, and my pain threshold has definitely increased since I had LO. I had a Bishop score of 5 (a Bishop score is worked out by the midwife to determine how ready your body is for labour and the chances of you needing to be induced. The highest possible score is 13). Hopefully by Monday my score will have increased...

Today (40 weeks + 1) I had a few mild pains and woke up with a strange cramp feeling in my pelvis which faded away. I had a few more through the day but now these have all gone away and not developed into anything more. We have no idea when or how he'll make his entrance into the world, but we are all so ready to meet him. 

How far along? 40 weeks + 1 day
Weight: I was 10st albs until Tuesday and in three days I have put on 6lbs so now 10 stone 12lbs
Maternity clothes? Erm I look a right scruff in my joggers! I sometimes have pyjama days too but it's comfy!
Stretch marks? Yes- lets hope they fade in time
    Sleep: Insomnia has hit me hard but the past two nights have been better since I swapped my side of the bed
Best moment this week: Enjoying lots of lovely quality time at home as a 3.
Miss anything? Medication for coughs and colds.
Food cravings: Cereal and crackers, marmite and cheese in the evenings 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing really
Gender: BOY
Labour signs: More regular tightenings, a few cramps and dull aches in my back. 
Symptoms: As above
Belly button in or out?  Out, but less so now my skin is stretching more
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or moody: Exhausted, no energy and walking like a giant hippo
Looking forward to: Hopefully going into labour naturally? 

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  1. Yours is the most impressive bump I have ever seen! I hope everything goes smoothly when it happens x

    1. haha aw thank you! My husband describes it as 'legendary' as he's never quite seen anything like it, especially for my tiny 5ft 4" frame! I'm not quite sure how my muscles hold it up sometimes- although in this pic you can see clearly how much it has dropped- yet he still doesn't want to make his grand entrance into the world somehow! Thank you Donna for your good wishes x

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