Monday, 29 February 2016

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 2016- February

February really feels like it's flown by for us. Of course, it's a slightly shorter month anyway, but it's definitely been one where the weeks have just passed by so quickly. When you have a newborn, it always feels like you're more aware of the weeks- of course you count their young age in weeks, everyone asks how many weeks old they are and before you know it, they're a whole month older. This month for us has been very much about getting back into some sort of routine. LO and I thrived on our little routine we had and now, we are trying to get back into doing more in the week like we used to- of course with our newest member of the team, Little L, joining us too. 

I am feeling so much more normal for getting a little bit of routine back into our lives and LO is clearly enjoying the structure too. While we really are home birds, we do also love getting out and about, coming home for nap time and then enjoying cosy evenings at home. This month more than ever, we have felt so appreciative of our little home as we have put it on the market. We are planning on eventually moving to a more central part of the country due to Mr F's work. Although it's all sort of snowballed and house viewings have all happened much sooner than we ever anticipated. I have no idea when we will end up selling it, but there are some exciting times up ahead for us. One thing I can vouch for is that it's not easy having to live like you're in a show home with a toddler and a newborn. 

Our family photos for this month are quite different to our first photo as a family of four from last month when we were very much in the comfort of our little home, with a newborn baby and very much in a phase of getting used to being a four. I've now discovered just how difficult it is to capture a half decent family photo of the four of us- where LO is in the right mood and Little L doesn't want feeding. The fact that it's a bitterly cold, windy winter doesn't help as frankly, who really feels like standing about in the cold with a toddler and a newborn trying to get a nice photo? 

This weekend though, we have had my sister up from London to stay and so we had a family day last Sunday where we decided to get the boys out of the house for some fresh air, and we headed out for a walk to a lake we hadn't visited before. It was one of those lovely bright sunny winter days but one which was so bitterly cold and windy so no one really felt like taking photos or having their photo taken, but we wrapped up warm and managed to capture a few anyway. I just can't wait to see the back of winter now, we are all so ready to see spring arrive- the daffodils, yellow and purple crocuses and warmer days. 

*Update* Since writing the bulk of this post, on the last Friday of the month, we were given the fantastic news that we have been selected as Mark Warner Family Ambassadors for 2016. I couldn't quite believe it when it happened and it still hasn't sunk in yet. We are hugely honoured to get this opportunity as a family and can't wait to work with Mark Warner Holidays. The post we entered with can be found here.  

We got my sister to take the bottom photo of us and the top one was taken on self timer on a bench- albeit in the total hurry as tempers were flaring due to the cold!

This month, Mummy is loving:
*Becoming a #markwarnermum
*Getting back into some kind of routine
*How well breastfeeding is going this time
*Losing the baby weight
*Spending lots of time with my gorgeous little boys
*Little L's smiles and the way he always knows I'm near
*Finding and dreaming about a new house

LO is loving:
*Reading the Gruffalo off by heart
*Reading Room on the Broom
*Doing lots of talking and asking more questions
*Checking his baby brother is ok
*Giving lots of kisses and cuddles

Little L is loving:
*Smiling- he smiles when we tickle his chin especially
*Finding mama and tracking me around with his eyes
*Holding his head up

Daddy is loving:
*5:30am snuggles with Little L asleep on his chest
*Showing lots of viewers around our house- he's a very good and informative tour guide!
*Spending lots of time on RightMove finding houses to look at
*Watching the League Cup final

The Me and Mine Project


  1. You can tell you wrote this before Friday! No MW mention! Congrats again from one ambassador to another! Lovely shots of a lovely family.

    1. Aah thank you so much! And thank you for commenting so quickly as it reminded me to go back into my post to update it since our fantastic news on friday! xx

  2. Hoorah!!! You are going to adore being part of the MW team this year! Well done and I can't wait to read more of your family adventures. Beautiful photos xx

    1. Thank you Lucy :) I know, it's such an amazing opportunity and we cannot wait to go on our adventures and create some wonderful memories this year xx

  3. Congratulations on becoming a Mark Warner mum, that's fantastic! My kids adore Julia Donaldson books too, I think I could read most of them off by heart too.

    Sounds like you all have a very exciting year ahead, good luck with the house hunt and selling your home.

    Love your beautiful family shots!!

    1. Aw thank you Heledd. 2016 is going to be a really exciting year for us- with the arrival of Little L in January, becoming MW ambassadors and also a potential house move. Thank you- I think we'll need all the luck we can get with this house move! Fingers crossed xx

  4. Oh what lovely photos; it's been so nice to actually get outside this month here too - it feels like we spent the whole of January indoors! And Congratulations on being a Mark Warner Mum - that's awesome news :)

    1. Thank you Carie :) Yes we were so house bound for the whole of january, we thought why not get out and about a bit in February- it's cold but also nice to wrap up in hats and scarves! And thank you for your congratulations- we are so honoured to become Mark Warner ambassadors. xx

  5. Gorgeous photos and is that a little tiny baby in a penguin suit??? *swoon*

    1. Hehe thank you! It most certainly is Little L in a penguin suit! It's just his everyday pram suit but it's super cute! LO's pals at his nursery always ask me why his brother is a penguin when I go to pick him up xx

  6. Lovely photos, I remember those days when Archie was just a newborn and I was trying to find my feet settling into a new routine with both. It seems so long ago now. x

  7. Congratulations on your Mark Warner Ambassadorship that is absolutely fantastic news x

  8. Love this round up and congratulations for the MWM! I told you it would be a hit :-) X x

  9. Ahhh gorgeous captures this month as always and little beautiful family of four outdoor adventures. I love it. Huge congratulations on the MW MUM win too you so deserve it darling. :) #meandmine

  10. These are beautiful lovely and I love Little L's suit- so cute. I am so happy you are a MW Mum, I literally campaigned for you from the start- you totally deserve it. xx

  11. Ah lovely! And congrats on being chosen for the campaign, so exciting!! xx

  12. Lovely photos! And congratulations again on winning MW competition - your entry was amazing! I hope you have a lovely March and some successful house hunting! xx

  13. Such lovely photos and I feel the same this month has just flown, and congratulations on Mark Warner I loved you post it was beautiful x


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