Thursday, 18 February 2016

{The Siblings Project} Brothers in February 2016

Well what a crazy, tiring yet utterly beautiful and epic 6 weeks we have had since our littlest came into the world. In some ways I can't believe where 6 weeks has gone, but in other ways, it feels like he has always been here. Little L has well and truly become an established member of our little team, and it's through his ever developing relationship with LO that I notice it the most. 

At first, LO really wasn't sure about his new baby brother but within about 2 weeks, he started to warm to him. It was when I went to drop LO off at nursery that he would say bye bye to his brother. At nursery pick up I would take LO in with me in his car seat and all the toddlers would swarm around him, wanting to look at him and stroke his hair. LO started saying "He's my Luca" which was utterly adorable. Even now, he still does the exact same thing and when I arrived with Little L in his car seat, LO will walk up to each child in turn telling them emphatically "That's my Luca". 

He then started to go around the house pointing out things which he felt belonged to Little L. Anything which he knew wasn't his automatically became Little L's. Some things he can still be a bit possessive over, and he seems to have adopted Little L's elephant we bought him before he was born, but he still acknowledges that he's just looking after it and seems to understand it does belong to Little L. 

While LO will still not want to hold his baby brother, he loves giving him kisses and will give them freely of his own accord or if we say "do you want to give him a kiss?". It's still ridiculously hard to get photo of them both together though- and so my photos for this month were captured very spontaneously on my iPhone one morning this week when crazy haired LO came into our bed in the morning. He asked if he could tickle Little L and I just adore the look on LO's face (Little L looks a bit startled and confused...). He genuinely looks so happy and you can see the love for his baby brother in his eyes. It's just one of those beautiful moments which I am so happy I captured. 

And while the photos I capture of these two beautiful brothers may not be the best photos in the world, I love that it's showing how their bond is growing month by month. I can't wait to see how it develops over the next month into March and then beyond that too. I am so proud of LO for how grown up he has been over the last 6 weeks and I really think that in time, they will become the best of friends. 

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    1. Thank you Cara, they're just iPhone snaps but it's so hard to get a photo of them both together at the moment! x


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