Thursday, 10 March 2016

Becoming a Four...#mymonthlymontage

For a couple of months before Christmas, I started to do a little video montage at the end of the month called #mymonthlymontage, linking up with Alex from Bump to Baby. In all the mayhem of Christmas and my weekly vlogmas videos, I didn't do one in December, and then at the start of January, Little L arrived safely into the world. Inevitably, with a newborn to look after, I haven't had much time to film or edit videos, which is why I love #mymonthlymontage. I collate all the little iPhone video clips taken over the month (or in this case, over January and February combined) and put them all together in one video. I love the simplicity of iPhone videos- but all too often they are just left, as Alex put it, to gather "virtual dust" on our phones or memory stick, never to be watched again. They're not the most creative clips in the world but they're special memories which I am so pleased I have captured (I actually only ever film on my iPhone as my DSLR doesn't film video annoyingly..something I'm hoping to remedy soon!)

I had never really planned on filming bits of my labour with Little L, but Mr F did capture a few very short clips suitable for YouTube! The rest of the video just captures the most ordinary of moments from our lives as we became a family of four. I especially love seeing the transition of LO going from being so shy and nervous of his new baby brother at the start of January to how he is at the end of February. 

I am hoping to do a #mymonthlymontage of my iPhone video clips at the end of each month, and I look forward to capturing more of our ordinary moments throughout March...


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