Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason, I have always enjoyed Easter just a little bit more than other festive times in the year. Perhaps it's because of the lighter evenings, the feeling of spring in the air and the promise of warmer days getting nearer, but I always find it more of an uplifting time of year than Christmas. For us, we treat it as a time to spend 4 quality, stress free days with family. A time where we just chill out, go with the flow, eat lots of chocolate and have no stress or pressure to do anything in particular.

Of course, there's usually some kind of roast dinner, a little trip out and the traditional Easter egg hunt in the garden, and this year was no exception. But with no fixed plans as such, it was nice to just have 4 days to rest and relax, go with the flow and enjoy lots of tasty food. It's a real shame the weather wasn't great, as we would have loved to have been outside a bit more.

So here is our Easter weekend in photos and a little video too. 

I keep finding these little fluffy chicks and coloured feathers all over the house since we made this little Easter nest craft. (we didn't actually make the nest, we just decorated and filled it!)

In the weeks leading up to Easter, yellow daffodils and chocolate have been in abundance in our house. We ate ridiculous amounts of chocolate even before Easter but it's just so tasty. 

On Friday we decided to brave a play centre over in Leeds. It's a big barn and is a bit different to your average soft play- with a huge sand pit full of diggers, trampolines, ride on tractors and a craft area. It ended up being really lovely and quiet, with only about 7 children there so it was lovely. They had a 'decorate your own Easter biscuit' activity, complete with the most sugary frosting, smarties, chocolate buttons and sprinkles. You may as well start the Easter weekend as you mean to go on. 

The play centre is really close to Leeds Bradford airport, and LO loves going to watch the planes taking off and landing. Friday saw the only nice weather all weekend so we made the most of it and went for a sunny walk to watch the planes. I love this photo of LO on his daddy's shoulders.

The only bit of sunshine all weekend...

Meeting some very friendly horses on Good Friday

On Saturday we had a lovely relaxed morning and then headed to a gorgeous local park where we walked Granma's dalmatian and played hide and seek behind the trees and daffodils.

Beautiful spring daffodils at a local park. A lady walked past us and smiled and said that LO looked like a daffodil in his outfit.

For the most part, LO prefers to keep his own company when Little L is around, but then we get occasions like this when he is so affectionate. 

There was a 20 minute window of opportunity for our Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning when the sun shone so briefly. It was cold and windy though.

Searching for eggs around the garden. I can't wait for next Easter when Little L and LO can search together. 

LO was very reserved with his chocolate eating and sat and ate one tiny egg the whole morning. 

Next year Little L...

A bright Easter basket which LO decorated with Easter stickers at his friend's Easter egg hunt last week. 

LO and Little L got some lovely Easter gifts- mostly chocolate for LO and some gorgeous soft toys for Little L's first Easter. They also got a couple of books to share too. 

Little L's new Easter toys- a lovely soft sheep and a very lifelike Jellycat bunny rabbit which is unbelievably soft. 

I can't believe my littlest lamb is 12 weeks old already?! Time is flying past us so quickly. 

So that was our quiet Easter at home. It's a shame the weather wasn't great but it's always nice being able to spend a long weekend together at home. I hope you had a lovely Easter too. 


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